Orlando Belo

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Orlando Belo Quotes

  • ''Contemporary art is very personal,
    and to me it has to be a blend of skill and creative ingenuity.
    Whether it be simple or complicated,
    much the same as poetry.

    27/11/2016 - 03: 58''
    Contemporary Art
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  • ''Inner Demons II

    Inner demons question every movement,
    decision, idea, and thought at every level.
    Their sole purpose is to drive you insane,
    they are not there to help you.
    However, you can use them to be creative,
    but you do so at your peril.

    14/6/13 amended 16/8/15''
    The Mind
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  • ''Fate's Decisions

    I find that fate often treats optimism with punishment,
    and pessimism with reward.

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  • ''How many times has she suddenly said, something like,
    'Don't you think you should get ready dear? '
    And I would reply, 'Ready for what? '
    And she would say, 'To pick up the paint and wall-paper.'
    And I would say, 'What paint and wall-paper? '
    And she would say, 'We discussed all this last week.'
    And I would say, 'What did we discuss? '
    And she would say, 'You of course, decorating the bedroom.'
    And I would say, 'I never discussed doing any decorating.'
    And she would say, 'Yes you did, last Sunday afternoon.'
    And I would say, 'What did I actually say? '
    And she would say, 'You agreed to my suggestion and said, yes dear.'
    And I would then say, 'And what was I doing at the time? '
    And she would say, 'Oh I don't know, you were
    probably watching some sport on the television.'
    And I would say, 'Oh I see, you attacked again
    when my defences were down did you.'
    And she would end up by saying,
    'Well, don't you think you had better get ready then? '
    And I would end up by saying as usual, 'Yes dear.'

    The Wife or Partner
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  • ''Unwelcome

    The release of an obnoxious smell
    is not a gift to the air.
    It's a contamination of space
    and unwelcome anywhere.

    A Violation
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  • ''Gifts

    Not all gifts are tangible
    and come tied with ribbon,
    and yet the ones we cannot touch
    are without doubt like gifts from heaven.

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  • ''Touched by Love

    To be touched by love
    is like being placed under a spell.
    One minute you believe that you are in heaven
    and the next you know you're in hell.

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  • ''Love is like a diamond;
    its facets can be many.
    From emotional turmoil
    to euphoric ecstasy.

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  • ''The Passing Winds

    The only good time for passing wind
    is when standing up wind on a windy day,
    but then it rides the wind to someone else's nose,
    who annoyingly hopes that it's quickly blown away.

    Bodily Function
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  • ''Marriage was created to make girls into women
    by giving them motherhood;
    not necessarily by having children.
    It was also created to make boys into men
    by giving them responsibility.
    and a voice to say amen.

    7/9 14''
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Best Poem of Orlando Belo

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don't judge me by the way I look
and the way I have my hair.
Don't judge me by my dirty shoes
and the way my jeans have tears.

Don't think because I have tattoos
that I'm not very nice to know.
Don't think because I swear a lot
that I have no feelings to show.

My appearance is a shield of defence
to hide my feelings deep inside.
My sensitivity is my weakness
so my appearance tells a lie.

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Eight Minutes To One

In the early hours the radio alarm
went off at eight minutes to one
despite me setting it earlier for six
and checking that it was on.

Now wide awake I rechecked the setting;
and I had definitely made no mistake.
I put it down to an electrical malfunction
and fell asleep until it was time to wake.

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