Orlando Belo

Gold Star - 15,158 Points (Derby, England)

Orlando Belo Quotes

  • ''Creativity
    A human has been created to be creative
    in body and mind from the moment of birth.
    The creative spirit is responsible for transmitting
    chemical impulses to anyone it encounters,
    thus stirring a response in the form of a feeling or an emotion.
    The purpose of the creative spirit is to be positive,
    and uses its ability to try and reverse any signs of negativity.
    However, a person born without a creative spirit
    is deemed to be negative,
    and is therefore starved of many of the emotions of life.

    Amended 22/8/14''
    Why Are We Here?
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  • ''The Time Of Vulnerability

    If you are a person of strong character and mind,
    and are not easily led as a sheep.
    In your dreams you'll be taken from your comfort zone,
    and as a lamb you'll be too embarrassed to bleat.
    And if you are a natural born follower,
    that's content to be just another sheep.
    You will be thrust to the front as a leader of many,
    and the fear will wake you from your sleep.

  • ''People

    Isn't it funny how some people
    put their mouths into gear
    before their brain.

  • ''The Mature Woman 1

    One of the problems I have with older women
    is that I do not know
    if they are trying to convince me, or themselves.

    A Problem Understanding
  • ''The Mature Woman 2

    Whenever she is in a different room to me,
    I find it impossible to determine
    whether she is talking to me or to herself,

    Wife or Partner
  • ''The Mature Woman 3

    Isn't it funny how some women think
    that men are stupid,
    and yet consider us capable
    of being able to read their minds.

    Superior Woman
  • ''The Mature Woman 4

    Isn't it funny how some women
    can grasp a random topic out of the air
    and give their opinion on it.
    She then asks a mere man what he thinks,
    and he poor soul, is at a loss to know
    what she's talking about.

    12/9/14 amended''
    Superior Woman
  • ''Too Few Words

    If all the words of one's language were separated,
    then placed in a hat and shaken.
    Not one single sentence could be made
    from ten words blindly taken.

    An Observation
  • ''Man

    Man is but a stitch in the tapestry of life,
    after the woman has threaded the needle.

  • ''Time

    We don't see, hear, smell, taste, or feel it,
    and yet we tell others that we don't know where it's gone,
    as if we have recently held it in our hands.


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Best Poem of Orlando Belo

A Tremor In My Heart

I was talking with some friends,
when you appeared out of the blue.
My voice failed in mid-sentence,
at the first sight of you.

When you turned and looked at me,
a tremor in my heart took place.
My heart raced and began thumping.
I saw my dreams in your face.

Your next glance brought with it a smile,
which immediately captured me.
My friends saw the effect you were having,
but you were all I could see.

I apologised for stopping in mid-sentence,
but I had become completely mesmerised.
My friends laughed, jeered and taunted me,
but ...

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Eight Minutes To One

In the early hours the radio alarm
went off at eight minutes to one
despite me setting it earlier for six
and checking that it was on.

Now wide awake I rechecked the setting;
and I had definitely made no mistake.
I put it down to an electrical malfunction
and fell asleep until it was time to wake.

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