Otteri Selvakumar

13, santhiyappa street, otteri, chennai-600012, tamilnadu, s.india
Otteri Selvakumar
13, santhiyappa street, otteri, chennai-600012, tamilnadu, s.india

Otteri Selvakumar Biography

Dear my dears...
I'am Otteri Selvakumar
My age 51 years now
My mother name neela ramamoorthy
My father name ramamoorthy
My gran father name munuswmy mudaiyar

I was rote the poems age of 10 years at the school time my friends are enjoy the comedy poem's...
my mother tang Tamil; Tamil was very old language...

I love Tamil i was wrote many poem's and short Tid bits
jocks some short stores also...write lot of also;

I was thinking the poem in many new way of life; its not
Tamil... it is not English...thinking is don't want any language...

I love me...
I love the people...
I was wrote the poem for me...
My heart speaks
My heart fight [with me]
My heart crying...
my love.. my problem.. my life fights.. my happy..
my people and my feeling, .. thinking.. dreams.. learn...

That is my poem's...
very very happy about the poem writing;
My education is Tamil; studied English - 2nd language
So classical side my poem is not good; but new modern style is my poem's try to understand some of my mistakes...
if any mistake are take care and write me..!
tomorrow i was wrote the poem's today's better...

What about am told here now days I am become writing with haiku about in the world

And Facebook also that 10000 I write haiku poems I was published now that time at time of the way it was a very good was nice what are the 5 to 7 years the project of I will publish to the haiku.

many languages of my Haiku poems about the poems in the language the international Lee that Italy in French
Japanese Chinese Turkish and Arabic Sinhala Germany Urdu Russian Siberian Indonesian Tamil Crotian Bosnian Danish Dutch and so many other languages

I'm started ' Haiku Art ' Daily Magazine published at 2021 Feb This is the one of my life way achive...

I was out and about in my Hiku at in world wide some haiku s where I was posted at the poem hunter also in other languages haiku poems I was published at the same time in my Indian languages in Telugu or Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Asami, Bengali, Gujarati, and more languages my Haiku was publish at and my Indian language of way

I was sincerely publish by Tamil languages at books of 7 Haiku books in published that Tamil and English also maybe two books ready to published and Japanese.

On the way I'm started' Otteri Selva Kumar'
(International Social literature magazine)
At February 14 th
It was published monthly twice English and multiple language.

LIKE books also one of published to ready now at the same time poetry was going for and very nice little helpful and healthy way of at English hip hop rap songs today....

I am writing with singing at a time I want music play with my interest and the songs so many songs and published on the musical websites you go maybe there my songs and watching the about the websites mostly the published the song's musical and videos websites watch to enjoy

websites my song will be singing I'm bringing a moving with music my song writing way with Hip Hop rap and alternative rock with Pop

What is the way of life?
Moving with who with bow with more and more than waves...Art... Yoga... Herbal medicine... Play music... Extra

I will go for more published in short stories and novels also I am writing and publishing way of that trying in writing my own writing way....

I'm different type of the Japanese poems of the way also I am try to publish so many poems now days... my life is moving it very well Alternative Medicine way...

I am treated free for the 5 lakh people let in acupuncture at the training with yoga for that among 10 lakh people above at simply making at am my own herbal products with 25 above but simply a given for the poor people for free

Watch a life I am searching always of the fun fun fun enjoy yourself enjoy with others happy
That's all now

Thanking you
with love day by day
otteri selvakumar

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