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Dear my dears...
I'am otteriselvakumar
My age 38 years
My mother name neela ramamoorthy
My father name ramamoorthy
My granfather name munuswmy mudaiyar

I was rote the poems age of 10 years at the school time my friends are enjoy the comedypoem's...
my mother tang tamil; tamil was very oldestliterate...

Ilove tamil iwas wrote many poem's and short tid bits
jocks some stores also...write lot of also;

I was thinking the poem in many new way of life; its not
tamil... it is not english...thinking is don't want any language...

I love me...
I love the people...
I was wrote the poem for me...
My heart speach
My heart fight [with me]
My heart crying...
my love.. my problem.. my life strugels.. my happy..
my people and my feeling, .. thinking.. dreams.. learn...

That is my poem's...
very very happy about the poem writing;
My education is tamil; studied english - 2nd langvage
So calisicalay my poem is not good; but new morden style is my poem's try to understand grammer mistake
if any mistake are take care and write me..!
tommrow i was wrote the poem's to day's better...

Thanking you
with love day by day
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To The Sin? !

God was


In side

The temple...!


Door's was


God was crying...!

What problem?

Every budy don't no!

God was crying

It self...

To the His sin's...? !

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