Oustine Hao

Biography of Oustine Hao

Welcome, I'm Oustine Hao, age 14, in eight grade, and beginner at poetry. My poems lay under the category of emo-ansted, or just stuff that comes from my heart. Don't expect fluffy poetry from me, unless I somehow feel like writing some. Chances of that are pretty, extremely low.
My inspirations comes from practically anything. No way I can scale my options down.

Music I listen to while brainstorming ideas (in alphabetical order) :
E-Type, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Tokio Hotel.

Ending Info:
I have trouble crying so I burn candles instead.
Oh, and, I'm obssessed with otters.
And I love you Aplier Hao!
And whoever you are, feel free to talk to me and maybe tell me what my poetry lacks, (critisize me people, harshly or not) . I'm interested in whatever you got to say.

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Biting Back

I'm biting back my fury
But I'm writing down my rage
I'm printing this on paper
Later tear apart this page

Guys I loved oh very so
Fooled me, just to let you know.
Stabbed my heart even if they
Were not there, it hurt although

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