Ozark Mike

Rookie (California)

Biography of Ozark Mike

Ozark Mike has been in the freelance industry for nearly two decades now and has enjoyed the freedom and income it has provided. Ozark Mike has freelanced in sales, marketing, mail order, dropp shipping, internet retail sales, mystery shopping, surveys, accounting, finance, writing, training, education, business consulting, design, photography, web design, graphics design and traditional art.

Ozark Mike is very versatile and charismatic, with a vivacious presence. Ozark Mike loves treasure hunting and became a treasure hunter at age 13 on a trip to Arizona digging turquoise. Ozark Mike is passionate about treasure hunting, but his enthusiasm extends to travel and a wide range of experiences.

Ozark Mike enjoys the freedom of being a freelancer and all the benefits it provides such as working his own hours, the income it brings to not only to pay living expenses, but the freedom to enjoy travel and his extensive list of hobbies!

Ozark Mike has an extensive work history within the freelance industry and believes in sharing his success, experiences, wisdom and knowledge that has been gained over the years with fellow freelancers as a way of giving back to the community! Ozark Mikes goal is to reach out to the community by way of the internet in an effort to help fellow freelances avoid the many pitfalls associated with freelance work and most importantly to provide a vehicle in getting around the many scams within the freelance community. Ozark Mike makes himself available by way of his contact page on Extra Money Solutions web site for any questions you may have from freelance related questions to freelance scams.

Ozark mike has now taken his wisdom and knowledge by creating a web site just for the freelance community called Extra Money Solutions.

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I Cried

So proud, so proud to live, so proud to serve, so proud to vote, so proud no more!

It all started on 9-11 as I watched in horror as 100’s died in a fiery hell and I Cried!

They secretly took away our way of life, our freedom, our rights and I Cried!

They took our young to fight in the black rain of lies and I Cried!

They returned our young in black bags and I Cried!

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