Ozark Mountain Homegrown

Ozark Mountain Homegrown Poems

1. The Laws Of Attraction 9/4/2013
2. Ozark Living 9/9/2013
3. Love Defined 9/10/2013
4. Searching 9/14/2013
5. Greed 9/25/2013
6. Love Everlasting 8/25/2013
7. Searching...Take Two 3/2/2016
8. Comfort And Sorrow 3/4/2016
9. The Tale Of The Moonfaced Hillbilly Gal 3/12/2016
10. Beauty 8/24/2013
11. Loves Sweet Embrace 8/25/2013
12. Reflections Of Love 8/25/2013
13. Letting Go 8/26/2013
14. Change 9/1/2013
15. Sweet Slumber 8/24/2013
16. Full Circle 8/24/2013
17. Roller Coaster Of Emotions 9/2/2013
18. A New Day 9/3/2013
Best Poem of Ozark Mountain Homegrown

Roller Coaster Of Emotions

Overloaded with emotions
And they're wearing me down
I feel like the carnival
Has come to town..

I'm riding the roller coaster
Wouldn't you know
I'm hanging on tight
And I'm in the front row

Going up and down
Going fast then slow
When will it stop
Where will it go

It's making me sick
I can't take this ride
I want to get off
I want to go hide

Why do I keep riding
When it brings me down
And why does it keep
Going round and round

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Sweet Slumber

The moon
How it beckons
In the stillness of the night

As nocturnal creatures serenade you
You bask in the beauty of the moonlight

Sending you off
In sweet slumber
And starry dreams

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