Paata Shamugia

Rookie - 3 Points (Georgia, Tbilisi)

Biography of Paata Shamugia

Paata Shamugia – Georgian contemporary poet. after publishing his poem 'antitkaosani' in 2006 (in which author countered so-called 'georgian bible' 'The knight in the panther's skin') , he gained wide popularity in Georgian public. during some months in the Georgian press people disputed around this book. after 3 years, in 2010 Paata Shamugia published book 'Preference', which critics estimated as an author's best book.

Paata shamugia was born in [[Georgia {country) ]], abkhazia. graduated philological faculty in Tbilisi state university. Now he works as a copy editor and writes reviews and critical essays.
In summer of 2007 in Tbilisi four young boys burned the book, written by 24-years-old poet Paata Shamugia. It is a thin, square-shaped book with white cover and black images on it and the title is amazing -“Antitkhaosani”, which is an alternative literary version of Georgian epic poem of middle centuries “The Knight in The Panther’s Skin”.
The group of those young fellows, calling themselves the members of Orthodox Parents’ Union, claim that they try to defend the public from immorality and save cultural values from annihilation. This is a big group of believers – the members are only Georgians. According to the data, published on the website of orthodox parents’ union, more then 10 000 persons are joined under the same national and religious ide

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