Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 16 January 2010
confused? but why such a great poet looks confused?
8 19 Reply
Jimi Doyle 12 December 2009
i love Pablo Neruda! 1. Shakespeare 2. the people who wrote the Bible 3. Neruda
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XxFangxX 127 12 October 2009
I think this poem is great! It expresses how you can love someone and hate that very person at the same time.Which are the exact feelings I have to face each day at school.This is one of my favorite poems of all time ^_^
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Metin Sahin 22 March 2009
ı f only ı could write a child.poetry is childish songs.poetry is free.without meters
7 18 Reply
Kelsey Mlnarik 10 January 2009
I think the reason you're not finding the meter and rhyme scheme you're looking for in these works is that they're translations. They weren't originally in English, in Spanish they probably had a different structure.
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Samuel Reed 09 January 2009
I don't wish to take anything away from those who find something in this poet's work, each to their own, but... I get nothing from this body. It is not only written without the art of poetry (mediocre attempts at metre, rhyme, etc at best) but the sentiments are very puerile and the themes a little adolescent, perhaps even trite. I really do not wish to sound a poetry snob, but please, someone explain what he has done to be worthy of number one poet, over Shakespeare, Keats, T.S. Eliot and those who really furthered the art? Help, am I dumb?
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Kelvin Karani 06 January 2009
the greatest of all. Who beats Neruda? Maya? Just close but not to Neruda's level. He's my inspiration-my idol!
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p.a. noushad 31 October 2008
your poems are amazing and passionate
6 14 Reply
Patrick Thorpe 18 July 2008
Your poetry is pouring your heart on paper, It, s pure Love, your a poet of the heart.
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Ken.e Hall 29 April 2008
Pablo you are not dead, you are alive living and breathing thru your poetic lovliness, god bless you Ken e Hall
5 14 Reply
Amanda Miller 01 April 2008
If you forget me is absolutely beautiful. You are now one of my favorite poets.
9 11 Reply
Roliza Sanchez 22 March 2008
excellent! ! grabe gyud! ! i never heard his name yet..not before this day..while reading his poems..i cant stop saying that we both have the same inner feelings of sadness..i wish i could write the same way he did..
6 9 Reply
Kash Earley 22 March 2008
Welllll. It is difficult to accept that Neruda is gone. His works are alive and living. How fortunate for us.
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Indigo Hawkins 15 February 2008
Neruda is amazing in any language. Some of my favorite lines ever were written by him: 'the fire for light, a rancorous moon for bread, the jasmine smearing around its bruised secrets: then from a terrifying love, soft white hands poured peace into my eyes and sun into my senses.' ~love sonnet XXIII
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Wesley Gibbings 22 December 2007
By far, the greatest poet of the 20th Century!
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... ... 10 December 2007
Pablo Neruda is the ultimate poet, the king of Latin-American poetry. I read poems from him when I was 8 years old and since then he became my idol. Adore his way to express even the most simplest things can create such breathtaking poems. Always his #1 fan. If I go to heaven, this is the first person I want to meet.
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Chris Purser 04 December 2007
Brilliant. These poems are they tyke and kind of poems that I would love to write. He truly is a great poet.
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Francois Hoon 25 June 2007
I think something needed for a good or a great poet is the ability to experience something more sensitively or vividly than most, to be able to 'take in' the moment or experience to such an extent that you can reproduce it as it were on paper or in writing for other people to experience it themselves... Our friend Pablo definitely has that gift.
5 12 Reply
Anna Kelly 28 December 2006
Ahhh, such pleasure and pain all wrapped up ever so cleverly. I admire Pablos bold and raw honesty...
5 12 Reply
John Tiong Chunghoo 03 July 2006
pablo leaves space between his words for us mortals to get closer with nature and dance with it. pablo through his words enable us to dance with nature and share its beauty and lightl.
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