Paddy J. P. Harris

Rookie (21st of July 1989 / Bedford, England)

Paddy J. P. Harris Poems

1. Sleep 11/9/2008
2. The Lord Of Willow Stream 11/9/2008
3. Hope 11/9/2008
4. My Old Robin Friend 11/9/2008
5. And Over His Sleeping Body She Bent 11/9/2008
6. Night Out At Nineteen 11/9/2008
7. If Freedom Be The Stuff Of Dreams 11/9/2008
8. The Land Of The Beating Heart 11/9/2008
9. In The Woods Of The Oak, And The Ash, And The Thorn 11/9/2008
10. Pride 11/9/2008
11. The Sea 11/9/2008
12. Tomorrow 11/9/2008
13. Prose 11/9/2008
14. Walking Song 11/9/2008
15. Comfort 11/9/2008
16. Fairies 11/9/2008
17. My Verse Is Strained 11/9/2008
18. No Fealty To Reason 11/9/2008
19. The Dark Ages 11/9/2008
20. The Old Man 11/9/2008
21. The Dragon Headed Bark 11/9/2008
22. Fay Dreams 11/9/2008
23. Scribblings 11/9/2008
24. The Cherry Tree 11/9/2008
25. Hair Cut 11/9/2008
26. Lost Mariner 11/9/2008
27. The Sea Urge 11/9/2008
28. Leannan Sidhe 11/9/2008
29. The Winds Of Dream 11/14/2008
30. The Haggard Yew Tree 11/16/2008
31. Earth Awake! And Pull This Body Down 11/20/2008
32. Half-Cut Through The Fields At Night 11/23/2008
33. Returning To Syria 11/23/2008
34. The Danaan's Return 11/26/2008
35. Old English Lament 12/1/2008
36. To Dwell Amid These Woven Words 12/3/2008
37. The Dawn 2/9/2009
38. The Distant Spring 3/18/2009
39. The Tree's Comfort 5/28/2009
40. Let Loose The Bonds 6/19/2009

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Best Poem of Paddy J. P. Harris


Why stand you there proud megaliths?
So stony faced and grim.
All back to back and looking out
Hiding the truth within.

Your folded arms and old grey eyes,
And deeply rooted feet,
So long defied your enemies
You have no friendly greet.

We all walk round out of your reach,
Except those trained few
Who you allow to come inside,
‘Cause they’re as grey as you

I wonder if you have forgot?
You are so very old.
If time has supped your memories,
And your story stays untold.

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Sleep trees, sleep bushes, sleep a restful sleep
And wait for spring, or sleep for evermore
For who’s to know if summer will return.
River sleep a swollen winter sleep.
Let deepest currents form a dreaming flow
Of thoughts that knew a simple summer joy.
Just give those memories a taste, then with
Those leaves you carry on your back,
Release them in the ever wakeful sea,

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