Padma Prasad Devkota

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Padma Prasad Devkota Poems

1. Dawn 4/4/2012
2. Insomnia 4/27/2012
3. Voices 6/26/2012
4. Death Can Hurt No More 8/1/2012
5. Shelter 8/5/2012
6. Flowers And Rocks 10/6/2012
7. Let Me Look Upon You 10/6/2012
8. Maya 12/10/2012
9. I Never Knew 3/21/2014
10. A Pang Called Love 4/9/2014
11. Not-A-Haiku 6/17/2015
12. We Are Fine In Kathmandu 10/9/2015
13. The Crow 11/23/2015
14. On Writing 12/17/2015
15. Stray Thoughts On A Sunny Morning 1/12/2016
16. Dark Birds Of Time 1/12/2016
17. Little Things 1/12/2016
18. A Poet's Dream 2/6/2016
19. On The Banks Of Maribyrnong 3/6/2016
20. Jatayu 8/14/2012
21. Life 9/14/2012
22. The Rose Bush 10/1/2012
23. All Young Girls 8/18/2012
24. A Broken Melody 8/29/2012
25. Language 8/5/2012
26. Transformation 3/26/2012
27. A Sunrise 3/27/2012
28. The Great Goddess 3/28/2012
29. Swimming The Unknown Depths 5/5/2012
30. The Eternal Spark 7/22/2012
31. What Dies In Spring 8/29/2012
32. Dr. Faustus 8/26/2012

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Dr. Faustus

When I was idealistic and young,
I was Dr. Faustus:
ready to love any beauty for while,
willing to risk heaven for the mysteries of the world,
determined to rule it rough,
saying, 'All this is mine! '

No bespectacled gaze could fathom my heart
that welled up with truth and certainty;
no power ruled that could ever curb
my natural spontaneity.
I walked like a lord who could change the world
with a snap of the finger of my will.

Although truth has eluded my grasp ever since,
certainty is a legend I still love;
Dr. Faustus too is alive and...

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The Great Goddess

Human laws are ever changing as the human heart explores
newer values while some remain what they are for evermore
so that truth is hard to grasp and it is hard to be quite sure

I had come to show obeisance, to bend and bow upon the hill
where the greatest goddess had been implored by a mindful king
to guard the newly founded city from all evil, harmful things

April dallied in the mountains while May lingered in the fields

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