Padma Rajaoui

Rookie (California)

Biography of Padma Rajaoui

Padma Rajaoui has also been published under the name Padma Rubiales and the pen name, Sara King. Her book, I Stole a Rock, Poems of Love and Romance, by Sara King, was read from over the Oregon Public Broadcasting station in 2003. A poem from the book was twice read by Garrison Keillor on his Writers Almanac Show on Oct 17,2003 and Oct 17,2004. Her poem Aunt Millie was one of 100 winners in the 2003 Writers Digest poetry contest out of 3,000 submissions in the nonrhyming category. Her poem Enchiladas was featured in the Dancing Poetry Festival at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

Her poems have been published in Bay Area Poets Coalition anthology, Bellowing Ark, ByLine Magazine, Caveat Lector, Cover, Chiron Review, Connecticut River Review, Dancing Poetry Festival, Feh! , Manzanita Quarterly, Underwood Review, Writers Almanac, and Zambomba.

Padma Rajaoui's Works:

I Stole a Rock, Poems of Love and Romance, by Sara King, published in 2003 by iUniverse. Updates

A New Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little sheep
who wouldn’t go to sleep. Her name was Ewe.
She cried there was a pea under her mattress,
but there was no pea,
for really it was a wolf
who was wearing Grandma’s pajamas.

The wolf was full from having eaten the little boy
who cried “Wolf! ” all day.

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