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I've always aspired to be a poet but career interests being away from this, this passion remained unaddressed and even forgotten till recently. Now that it has resurfaced, it's an enjoyable pastime - searching for right poem topic, then creating word strings to make verses and finally uploading a poem that pleases my mind and heart. At the end of a two- or three-hour exercise resulting in uploading of a new poem, I'll stand up content and refreshed!

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New Year's Cheer

What's in a New Year's Day, I did wonder?
Just another day in the Gregorian calendar?
Romans did consecrate, it to the great Janus
To face past-n-future, the God's two faces.

Of the days past it's a time for reflection
Of days to come, it's one of anticipation
Of the year that was past, it's delusions
Will all go, with the evening of celebrations

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