Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese
Abor, Volta Region, Ghana

Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese Poems

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Of Milk And Honey

(Numbers 12: 1-15: 41)

O God, the land You have promised
already has someone living on it. Why

A Night Without You

what is sleep
if not with my face
against your back
my ear

When You Return

when you return from home
we’ll spent several nights
searching for something in us
to write a poem about the willowy trees

Dzogbese Akpe

Dzogbese Lisa,
give me the strength of the hills
never washed away by summer rain
give me the vigor of the cactus

Let Me Be

let me be
the scream in your fear
the moan in your pains
let me be


tonight, our love like the setting sun
slips away like a shadow behind the grooves
like a pencil of smoke it enters the thin air
till it fades like the indigo cloth with time

Still Together

through all hurt and pain
even in whirlwinds that tear the soul
or the sorrowful rain that maims the heart
I still hold so dear breathes that

Its Not The Years

its not the years we loved
its the quality of love we shared

its how we walked through the valleys

Letters To My Sisters

braid the black dark hair
weave the supple tress
paint not the pretty face
just emphasize the grace

Is That Me?

when love comes, we sit and sigh
wanders to and fro
on the proscenium of the mind
slowly unbidden joy-drops fill our eyes