Padraic Colum Poems

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IN broad daylight
He should not be:
Yet toward and froward,
Froward and toward

The Resplendent Quetzal-Bird

OTHERS have divers paints and enamels,
Lavish and bright on breast and wing feathers:
You, Guatemalan, have sunken all colours

The Knitters

IN companies or lone
They bend their heads, their hands
They busy with their gear,
Accomplishing the stitch

Achill Girl's Song

I’d bring you these for dowry
A field from heather free,

Bird Of Paradise

WITH sapphire for her crown,
And with the Libyan wine
For lustre of her eyes;
With azure on her feet

The City Clocks

THE City clocks point out the hours
They look like moons on their darkened towers-

The Tin-Whistle Player

'Tis long since, long since, since I heard
A tin-whistle played,
And heard the tunes, the ha'penny tunes
That nobody made!

The Landing

THE great ship lantern-girdled.
The tender standing by;
The waning stars cloud-shrouded,
The land that we descry!

At Cashel

ABOVE me stand, worn from their ancient use,
The King's, the Bishop's, and the Warrior's house,
Quiet as folds upon a grassy knoll:

The Poet

'THE blackbird's in the briar,
The seagull's on the ground-
They are nests, and they're more than nests,' he said,
'They are tokens I have found.