Pagan Eisenhauer

Rookie (12-24-95 / wisconsin ill)

Biography of Pagan Eisenhauer

i live in a small town that i moved to about four years ago. i have been writting more poetry in antioch illinois then i did anywhere else. i mostly write nature poems since i have alot of landscape around here to inspire my writting.
i have been taking a class in high school called creative writting and i have learned a tun. i love the class.
i met pple who gave me pointers and helped my writting grow.

Pagan Eisenhauer's Works:

i have no published books but it is a goal for the near future.
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Live life up to its fullest. Don't let anyone bring you down. Keep your head held up high. Be the strong person that you are. Walk this world with a smile and be happy.

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