Paige Allison

Biography of Paige Allison

My name's Paige.
I'm fifteen.
I've been writing since I was eleven or twelve.
My poetry is completely different than my personality.
I don't show people I know my poetry or lyrics because they're mostly about things that I don't want people knowing I think or feel.
So, In a way it's an escape.
But that's what everybody says, huh?
I'm fun, and will try anything once.
I have huge dreams,
Things people would only dream about.
I always want to improve on anything and everything,
I need constructive criticism.
Please give me your opinions!
Thanks so much.(: Updates

The Girl's Game

He blamed it on the pheromones,
And the way she stared.
He blamed it on the way she talked,
And how she noticed he was there.
If he was asked
He'd plead the victim;
The innocent and pure.
But we all know the truth
Of what happens behind closed doors.

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