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41. Blasphemer 4/1/2009
42. Metamorphosis 4/6/2009
43. Who Are You? 10/22/2009
44. Bound And Gagged By My Own Insecurities 4/30/2009
45. Fourth Period 4/1/2009
46. A Question About Myself 4/1/2009
47. Addictive And Titillating 4/6/2009
48. Best Friends Forever? 4/1/2009
49. America 4/1/2009
50. Talk About Love 4/1/2009
51. Ode To Bukowski 4/1/2009
52. You'Re Dead 4/1/2009
53. Modernist Perspective 4/1/2009

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Modernist Perspective

The fear is absolute:
faces pale as the milk of death,
the inverse of the milk of human kindness.
A haunting sorrow binds the wounds,
enslaving us in its hollowest embrace.
This poem is a metaphor,
but I don’t know why.
I don’t know anything.
These days right is wrong and wrong is right.
Is this someone’s idea of a joke?
Well, buddy, I’m not laughing.
I’m retching in protest,
a one-girl revolution.
Can anybody save us now?
(I doubt it.)
We’re all chained by propriety
and blinded by society,
trading kisses for pennies
and chopping ...

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You'Re Dead

I went to your funeral
dressed in my favorite pair of jeans.
The mourners whispered sharply, even though
I dyed them to make them extra black.
I didn't cry.
I felt numb as the chill rain fell.
The fog imbued a sense of fleeting.
Solitude-standing by a grave,
your name was on it.

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