Paige Rense

Biography of Paige Rense

Paige Rense, aka Paige Rense Noland (b. Des Moines, Iowa, May 4, 1929) is the editor emeritus of Architectural Digest, where she served as editor in chief from 1975 until 2010. She is also the founder of the Arthur Rense Prize poetry award. Rense founded the cookery magazine Bon Appétit, was editor in chief of GEO, and is the author of a mystery novel, Manor House (Doubleday, 1997).

She is presently working on a book about the career of her late husband Kenneth Noland, the Color Field artist.

A high-school dropout, Rense began her career in journalism in the mid 1950s, as a member of the editorial staff of the skin-diving magazine Water World, where her future husband Arthur F. Rense was the managing editor. After leaving Water World she wrote a how-to beauty book and a novel, in addition to articles for Cosmopolitan, and worked in publicity and advertising.

In October 1970 Rense became associate editor of Architectural Digest. Six months later she was named head of the magazine after the murder of its editor in chief, Bradley Little, and was appointed editor in chief in 1975. She held that position until 2010, having transformed the magazine, which was founded in 1920 as a trade journal, into "a bible for the design world and increasing its circulation to more than 850,000 from 50,000 during her tenure".

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