Paige Welch

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Biography of Paige Welch

I am a seventeen-year-old high school student with a slight sense of humor. For the most part, I write stories, but on occasion I try my hand at poetry. For the most part, my poems are similar to those of others. However, some of my poems are meant for the reader to at least chuckle. I hope that I am able to bring at least a smile to one face. Our lives are but tragedies, each of us being our own protagonist with his or her own flaw. By the end of Act V, we are gone. Let us remember those moments when we smiled or laughed, to let life and death do their bidding, and hold up our only weapon we have against these two villains: happiness. Updates

Dreams Long Gone

Massive dark green leaves that never turn brown
In bright, shining sun that never goes down
Higher and higher the branches did go
Held by chains of parental rules, my foe

Braving the elements stirs the most fun
Though nothing ever showed except the sun
Bright, yellow, horrid, and rather humid
Sweat on a brow is quite cumulative

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