Pain Is Love 32588

Rookie (March 25 1988 / Munster Indiana)

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Pain Is Love 32588 poet

Not really a troubled soul but I've seen my share of heartache and pain. To be as young as I am I've been hurt by alot of things in my past and I sure there is more to come. Poetry is my way to vet. Losing my mother at a young age and countless others. Friends and family alike. besides form that I am i a real cool layed back person. I'm searchin for love and for peace within myself Updates


I always hear people say that life is hard, but its worth it
If it really is worth so much why do i wanna give up so much?
I have faith but it seems like things are gettin worse

I've put everything I have in God's hands, but now who do I turn to?
Turn to for comfort, help, just someone that will listen
The person who I thought was my rock and my strenght is gone,

My family has turned their back and want nothing else to do with me

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