Pain Is Love 32588

Rookie (March 25 1988 / Munster Indiana)

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Pain Is Love 32588 poet

Not really a troubled soul but I've seen my share of heartache and pain. To be as young as I am I've been hurt by alot of things in my past and I sure there is more to come. Poetry is my way to vet. Losing my mother at a young age and countless others. Friends and family alike. besides form that I am i a real cool layed back person. I'm searchin for love and for peace within myself Updates

She Told Me

She told me she loved me
She told me she cared
She said that nomatter what happened she'd always be there
She told me she loved me and I told her the same
Now she's gone I'll never be the same
I gave her all of me but I guess it wasn't enough
After it was over, after it was all said and done
She told me she loved me.
How can I be her friend but still have the feelings for her

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