Pam Fraser Poems

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The One And Only You

' The One and Only You'

You're every move I make,
every breath I take.

A Beautiful Web

You worked your art on me
You spun a beautiful web
Around my heart

What Is It You Want You Need?

If you need me to talk too
or, even just give you a smile.
You know I am just a couple of miles away.

Thank You For Being My Most Treasured Friend

You have made me smile
Even though, we live miles apart.

You always have open your heart to me.


Do you know how special you are?

So many of the things I feel inside
Are there ‘cause someone special cared

Broken Promises

All the broken promises you made to me
When I was small, and the so called promises you use to make

My Child

M is for magnificent miracle
Y is for yearning over you
C is for courage, You amaze me so.
H is for heaven, that’s where you will go.

I Am Blessed With You

I am Blessed with you

Just thought I'd let you know,
even though we're been together from the start

My Shining Star

My Shining Star

I wish I could give you all the solutions
with all life's problems with the doubts, and the fears.

I Know Of A Poet

I know of a poet

I know of a poet
I've read their sweet words.