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Brian Mayo 13 November 2015

Pamela Sinicrope is a gifted poet who regularly amazes with stunning metaphors and elusive insights. She has a knack for word-selection and often finds beauty in places many are afraid to look. Her poetry is refreshingly real- never pretentious. She gives the reader an honest reflection of the world as only she can see it- -upside-down in a grapefruit spoon.

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Fabrizio Frosini 17 September 2015

it's a big 'LIKE', both as a Poet (Capital 'P') and Literary CRITIC...! ;)

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Fabrizio Frosini 16 January 2016

the following words are worthy to be placed here... ;) quoting our wise friend Daniel: ''Pam's commentaries are incisive and literary. Who would have thought Minnesota would produce two Literary Critics in the same time frame! '' :) A dear, friendly, hug

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Patti Masterman 22 January 2016

Vivacious- I think that perfectly describes Pamela and her work to a 'T'. Although, I have never really met her in the flesh, the 'flesh and blood' of her words makes me feel as if I know her very well.

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Grace Mariner 03 May 2016

Dance for a Dead Princess! ! ! Amazingly beautiful...loved it! So fairy tale and dream like...

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Kim Barney 05 February 2020

Pam, where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

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Shaun Cronick 01 January 2020

Pamela, your poems are very shy.

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Bri Edwards 25 December 2019

Gee, i forgot to show the " foolish message" i referred to below. Ha! ! here it is: " This poet did not post any poems within last 14 days." : ( bri :))))))

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Bri Edwards 25 December 2019

Why DOES PH sometimes put this foolish note on the screen when i'm trying to bring up a poet's list of poems? ? ? ? PH is free, and i get a lot of enjoyment from it, but it is really 'trying' my patience at times also. And now there are a lot of ads! ! ! i would pay for fewer ads and a better managed site; we shouldn't expect to get this site free, but..... bri : (

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Sarah Shahzad 10 December 2019

just say love you Pamela

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Bantry Bay

On the eighteenth of October we lay in Bantry Bay,
All ready to set sail, with a fresh and steady gale:
A fortnight and nine days we in the harbour lay,
And no breeze ever reached us or strained a single sail.
Three ships of war had we, and the great guns loaded all;
But our ships were dead and beaten that had never feared a foe.
The winds becalmed around us cared for no cannon ball;
They locked us in the harbour and would not let us go.

On the nineteenth of October, by eleven of the clock,
The sky turned black as midnight and a sudden storm came on--
Awful and sudden--and the cables felt the shock;
Our anchors they all broke away and every sheet was gone.
The guns fired off amid the strife, but little hope had we;
The billows broke above the ship and left us all below.
The crew with one consent cried 'Bear further out to sea,'
But the waves obeyed no sailor's call, and we knew not where to go.

She foundered on a rock, while we clambered up the shrouds,
And staggered like a mountain drunk, wedged in the waves almost.
The red hot boiling billows foamed in the stooping clouds,
And in that fatal tempest the whole ship's crew were lost.
Have pity for poor mariners, ye landsmen, in a storm.
O think what they endure at sea while safe at home you stay.
All ye that sleep on beds at night in houses dry and warm,
O think upon the whole ship's crew, all lost at Bantry Bay.

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Pamela Sinicrope Popularity

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