Pamela Sinicrope

Pamela Sinicrope Poems

1. Hamida Cries For Her Son 12/18/2017
2. Instead Of A Valentine 6/3/2017
3. Forbidden Words 12/17/2017
4. Evening Saudade 12/26/2017
5. Going Native 12/26/2017
6. The Fire Inside 6/3/2017
7. View Of Student And Teacher 6/5/2017
8. Open 12/18/2017
9. Window Washing 6/24/2017
10. First Time Saying It 6/24/2017
11. Grief 11/10/2017
12. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. 6/3/2017
13. You're Special 11/23/2017
14. Tweet 6/5/2017
15. Inside And Out 5/11/2017
16. I Married My Sink Today 6/29/2017
17. Portrait Of A Student 6/5/2017
18. Clean House 6/4/2017
19. The Winter Gardener 6/3/2017
20. Strength Just For Today (For Meg) 3/7/2017

Comments about Pamela Sinicrope

  • Nivy Sochi Nivy Sochi (10/4/2017 2:03:00 PM)

    Poetess with a well of inner strength. You have a natural charm. A joy to have around.
    Thanks for belonging with us!

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  • Kurt Philip Behm Kurt Philip Behm (1/7/2017 5:16:00 PM)

    I love One day I'll touch the suns that call my name

    Gorgeous imagery!


  • Susan Williams Susan Williams (8/25/2016 4:55:00 PM)

    Pamela Sinicrope can write so be prepared to be Stunned. Awed. Transfixed. In fact, every day should begin with a Pamela poem..
    .....Read her Through Raptor Eyes poem- it is the heart, soul, and very definition of LITERATURE. It has something intelligent and profound to say and it says it in verses that walk, fly, swim into our consciousness and wake us up to the connectedness of life
    .....Look at Shirt Thief. This is a brilliantly conceived and executed piece. Pamela exudes talent.with every word choice.
    .....Look at Help For the Housework. Pamela's mind sees poetry everywhere even in the mud tracked in!
    .....Or look at Brushing the Dog. Seriously, , this was the most effortless, humorous, lovingest poem I have ever read. I think humor is the hardest rarest skill set a writer can have. Pamela has it by the truck load.
    .....Look at When Sunshine Speaks. I don't think I will ever open the curtains now without thinking of this truly and simply magnificent poem. It is simple in its magnificence... or is it magnificent in its simpleness...or is it both? All I know is that the simplicity of rhythm and word choice and images and thoughts and morning activity has been transformed into a magnificent piece of writing.
    .....Warning: When reading a Pamela Sinicrope poem, get yourself a seat belt because this woman will have you falling off your chair helplessly chuckling, giggling, laughing- - - or falling off your chair in a state of wowed, awed, jaw-dropped admiration.

  • Kenneth Maswabi Kenneth Maswabi (5/28/2016 12:58:00 PM)

    Pamela is a committed Poet. She has the energy and heart of a true poet. She is an inspirational and a light in the poetic universe. Her thoughtful comments are priceless. Keep it up Pam. People like you are very rare nowadays.

  • Grace Mariner Grace Mariner (5/3/2016 1:44:00 PM)

    Dance for a Dead Princess! ! ! Amazingly beautiful...loved it! So fairy tale and dream like...

  • Patti Masterman (1/22/2016 8:31:00 PM)

    Vivacious- I think that perfectly describes Pamela and her work to a 'T'. Although, I have never really met her in the flesh, the 'flesh and blood' of her words makes me feel as if I know her very well.

  • Grace Mariner Grace Mariner (1/21/2016 3:03:00 PM)

    I really liked Lingere Pam. Very clever comparisons

  • Fabrizio Frosini Fabrizio Frosini (1/16/2016 9:21:00 AM)

    the following words are worthy to be placed here... ;)

    quoting our wise friend Daniel:
    ''Pam's commentaries are incisive and literary. Who would have thought Minnesota would produce two Literary Critics in the same time frame! ''
    A dear, friendly, hug

  • Grace Mariner Grace Mariner (1/15/2016 11:35:00 AM)

    I really like what I've read so far of your work. It reflects so clearly not only the changes of season but the accompanying changes in us. My recent work tends to be so maudlin because of too much trauma in too little time. I felt up lifted by your writing. I do not fight the changes that have come to me from mother to crone. I want to move towards what you have beautifully gifted me with

  • Brian Mayo Brian Mayo (11/13/2015 11:01:00 AM)

    Pamela Sinicrope is a gifted poet who regularly amazes with stunning metaphors and elusive insights. She has a knack for word-selection and often finds beauty in places many are afraid to look. Her poetry is refreshingly real- never pretentious. She gives the reader an honest reflection of the world as only she can see it- -upside-down in a grapefruit spoon.

Best Poem of Pamela Sinicrope

Strength Just For Today (For Meg)

A heart is a muscle
It beats through fear
It flows through pain
I think I will be your heart—
just for today

This morning when you wake
take a sip from your favorite cup—
I will bring you fresh beats—carry away
pain.  I will flutter my heartwings
like a happy angel, circulate
a healing wind

Today you can take a breather—
sit on the couch, pop the top off
something cool and light, knit purl
geese into pink, slip stitch hope into
a blanket.  All
while those you love
love you back      
(and do the dishes)

Read the full of Strength Just For Today (For Meg)

The Winter Gardener

In Minnesota, when snowfalls layer
like sedimentary rock and happiness falls
below zero, I dream of peonies rising.
I see clusters of large red balls—like clown noses,
and I can't help but smile

as they bounce and sway toward the sun.

They snore below the cold as crimson eyes root
upward from a perennial world that slurps

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