Pankajam Kottarath

Pankajam Kottarath Poems

41. Cosmetics 5/17/2012
42. Lament 3/12/2012
Best Poem of Pankajam Kottarath


Sorrows deep rooted
lie damp
in bruised hearts
like my village soil
soaked for months in monsoon

Ghosts of hurts chasing rampant
neither melt in the sun
nor dissolve in the rains
as inorganic synthetics
Awfully abraded,
they fume and fret,
nudge day and night
The caricature
doesn't expose
scars caged within
and to unlock them
with an instant outburst
wait woefully
for a little kindred propinquity,
the litmus-test
for intensity of aches
If not any, stay unseen
for years and years.

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Without A Penny

After a sight seeing trip I return home early dawn
exhausted a bit, yet reinforced from within.
I open the gate. My pet dog comes
wagging its tail, like a pendulum,
for a loving pat, and is back
on his cement couch staring at nothing.

A pair of mynahs studying the architecture of wind
sitting on a fragile branch of the guava tree

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