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Biography of Panmelys

Born poor. Had wonderful teachers who helped me climb out of the hole. Lived in East End London 5 yrs, then Wales (motherland of Mother) where we were even poorer. Obtained a SRN certificate; escaped to N.A. joined MRT dramatic art school in Montreal, obtained certificate after 2 year training in order to read my poems and those of others in a professional way. Lived in Quebec, married with 3 children- moved to New York then to Paris and have lived there ever since. A nobody who believes she's a somebody meant to pass on her messages. Boasting was once a Greek attribute, so maybe I've got some Greek blood, along with others, as I believe the genes hve their proper memory. Panmelys 2015 This name only to be used on all artistic work: please, thank you. PANMELYS

Panmelys's Works:

Hidden Force book of poems Canada l97O's. Many poems published in N. A. and France, usually submitted by friends. Some published in their French translations by René Agostini, Professor at University of Avignon, himself a poet, writer, musician. Just opened a website look under, have fun and enjoy life, it's short. Live every moment as if it were your last- and remember: Love is never wasted, even when it does't last. Updates

Child Of Delight

For you small child of delight
with your wild wayward cries
this world I would remake

So that there you can betake
some honored place I fight
for you small child of delight

If only one life save

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