Paola Elizabet Mateo

Rookie (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Paola Elizabet Mateo Poems

41. Zoo Exotic 12/10/2009
42. How To Forget A Lost Love 12/10/2009
43. Secret Love 12/10/2009
44. Hurt Me Lovely 12/10/2009
45. I Remember You 12/12/2009
46. Heart Ache 12/12/2009
47. Lovers Game 1/5/2010
48. M.I.N.E 1/6/2010
49. Mis Suenos 1/12/2010
50. One More 1/12/2010
51. Mono-Log: Unloved, Unwanted, And Lovely Lies 1/20/2010
52. 1, ...2, ...3, ... 1/20/2010
53. Not Working 1/20/2010
54. Haiku: Just Think 1/20/2010
55. Not Again 1/30/2010
56. Old Love 10/27/2009
57. Haiku 1 10/27/2009
58. Haiku 2 10/27/2009
59. Haiku 3 10/27/2009
60. Haiku 4 10/27/2009
61. Dites-Moi, Dites-Le 4/18/2010
62. Cuando Los Angeles Lloren 4/18/2010
63. Only For Women 4/22/2010
64. Let Me Go 4/22/2010
65. Never Trust A Stranger 4/22/2010
66. Wish We Hadn'T Gone There... 4/22/2010
67. Catch My Tears 4/22/2010
68. Already Gone 4/23/2010
69. I Remember You Pt.2 5/12/2010
70. Sream 5/12/2010
71. First Time 10/30/2009
72. You Are My Garden 10/30/2009
73. So Hard To Love You 11/2/2009
74. Hidden Love 11/4/2009
75. I Love You I Love You I Love You 12/10/2009
76. English Class 12/10/2009
77. Haiku 5 10/27/2009
78. Come Back To Me 10/27/2009
79. П о ж а л у й с т а в ы п у с т и т е м е н я 4/22/2010
80. П о л ю б и т е ч т о я х о ч у 4/18/2010

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Best Poem of Paola Elizabet Mateo

П о л ю б и т е ч т о я х о ч у

Я н и к о г д а н е л ю б и л к т о -т о п о м е р е т о г о к а к я п о л ю б и л в а с . Я х о ч у в а с н а с т о л ь к о п л о х о н у ш и б а е т ...

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Old Love

I miss you so much you don’t even know; every night I cry when I think of you, you broke my heart. You were my future and now you’re gone. I may never see you again but if I do I want you to look the other way. I used you to be happy and forget all of the bad things in my life, and in my dreams. But now I will have to live with the guilt on my mind. I miss you so much you don’t even know. But it's best if I forget you now.

Paola Mateo

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