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It's Works

'You are what you are, '
How true to say; but
You're not bound to be
What you are today.

Scattered Pearls

Tracks in the sand mark a line of remorse
For a life derailed from a chosen course.
As we plead for exclusion with sweet sublime
And rapidly make mention of a wounded mind,

Valley Of Achor

The decree was plain, by all was known;
Sacred, to Him, hollowed by God alone.
Valley of Trouble, flames to the sky;
Valley of Achor, stones piled high.

Consumated Hope

Rediscovered my voice just the other day
Noticed it was harboring the same old lie;
Wrote it all down on the head of a pin,
Simple justification for a life of sin.

Borderland Ii

Deep inside the borderland
A thief stands up to speak,
Mark of Cain upon the lips,
His crooked tongue in cheek.

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