Pari Shumial

Rookie (12 september 1995 / Rawalpindi)

Biography of Pari Shumial

Seeing the world from a different eye is what i do the best,
getting to know me
i know you wont regret
but let me tell you one thing
it's a mystery in itself
i too am not aware
of the things that make me tick
who i am and how my moods change
co one could understand
i am what they call
'a riddle that can't be solved'
i'm just like you all
but then again
i'm not the same at all
so all i can say right now is
Best Of Luck for this
and if there's something you figure out
then inform me of it
as i too would like to come across
a new part of me
who i am, how my moods work?
who i truely may be! :)

Pari Shumial's Works:

none at the moment, show me some love people and maybe i'll get there :) Updates

Heaven's Not Too Far

Her hair was up in a pony tail
her favorite dress tied with a bow
Today was Daddy's Day at school
and she couldn't wait to go
But her mommy tried to tell her
that she probably should stay home
Why the kids might not understand,
if she went to school alone
But she was not afraid

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