Parme Hice

Rookie (may 13 2004 / desert)

Parme Hice Poems

1. Eye Am June 9/13/2006
2. Parme Wrote This In An Envelope So Nice Ewe 9/20/2006
3. Parme Version (St Charles) 9/20/2006
4. A Ditty 9/21/2006
5. The Therapay 2/16/2007
6. Little Girl Forgiven 2/18/2007
7. Color Of My Shadow 3/31/2007
8. Life Is Not A Poem 5/31/2007
9. Love Poem Four Hundred 6ix 8/29/2007
10. The Third Fable 1/10/2008
11. Oldsockfable 2/4/2008
12. Fortyonefabel 2/9/2008
13. Fiftythree 2/18/2008
14. 138 4/12/2008
15. 101antmartialisheureka101 9/16/2008
16. Treatisewfgsp 11/17/2008
17. Love 1/23/2009
18. Mermaid Heart 2/13/2009
19. My Christmas Tree Is Ewe 12/9/2009
20. What Is Love? 10/27/2006
21. Innocence Lost In Dare 3/26/2007
22. The Apple Tree Greed 6/18/2007
Best Poem of Parme Hice

Parme Wrote This In An Envelope So Nice Ewe

ewe aer my Poetress
of the hungry Heart;
thirsting Icon of supplication-
to ewe i dedicate
this well-tested heart,
beseeching ewe in ewe
loving kindness,
to forget that i was once a child
eye am all shot thru with faults:
the 7 deadly sins
and there be holes and worn
spots plenty
in this gift: I have the scars.
Which is yes

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The Therapay

The Therapay
The Therapay
Eye cannot afford a doctor eye can only afford ewe
A doctor can not tell me not to be so sad and blue
they don't make a medicine that heals the pain of love gone threw
the dart of cupids arrow leaves a mark like death its true
mye babay oh mye babay here me cry and come to love me
The puncture wound is healed and eye want love again.
This is a someday after the valentine wore off.

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