Bronze Star - 2,107 Points [Dragon`s tail] (29-06-1976 / Guskara-Burdwan)


441. Deadly Punishment..... 11/16/2014
442. Poets Are A Bit Strange! 11/17/2014
443. Venus Lines..... 11/18/2014
444. Life Is Funny! 9/18/2014
445. Ah, Money! 9/18/2014
446. Fun Never Runs Out! 9/21/2014
447. She Loves To Be..... 11/2/2014
448. Two Issues..... 11/20/2014
449. The Heiress To My Poetry.... 11/21/2014
450. Girlfriends... 12/9/2014
451. The Ghost And Me.... 12/16/2014
452. Humanity Is Crucified Many Times! 12/16/2014
453. Sentiment 12/20/2014
454. To Her.... 12/22/2014
455. Now I Am Mr. Delight 12/25/2014
456. My New Year Commitment... 12/31/2014
457. Fears Are Worse..... 11/24/2014
458. Grey Areas..... 11/25/2014
459. By A Weaver Of Words And Artist Of Thoughts. 12/4/2014
460. Love And We.... 1/18/2015
461. A Poet`s Daily Prose-Poetry! 1/22/2015
462. A Few, Very Few, Too Few... 1/26/2015
463. A Verse To My Valentine. 2/12/2015
464. My Take On The Valentine`s Day. 2/13/2015
465. ....Real Poetry. 2/14/2015
466. Not A Veg-Desire... 2/15/2015
467. Is A Poet Such A Kid? 2/15/2015
468. Just Think Once 2/7/2015
469. Who Knows How Many Pages Are Yet To Run....? 2/17/2015
470. Our Thirst Is Always Thirsty! 2/19/2015
471. A Lover Pirate 2/20/2015
472. A Sack Of Rubbish... 2/21/2015
473. What Is Purely Pure? 2/24/2015
474. I Am Insane. 2/27/2015
475. What Will Online Poets Do? 2/28/2015
476. A Pair Of Poems 3/1/2015
477. An Untitled Poem 2/23/2015
478. The Organic Spring Festival! 3/4/2015
479. My Offbeat Poetry... 3/10/2015
480. Stiff Breaths! 3/11/2015


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I Am Inside My Horoscope

I am smiling back
to the smiles of the exalted Jupiter
at the transit to my birth sign
in my otherwise gloomy birth chart.

Its fatherly aspect
in the house of my ascendant
lets me father some wonder arts.

As it is now positioned
along with my birth-time conjunction of Moon and Saturn
I hear the gospels from the divine preceptor
in the heaven of Hindus;
and my retiring melancholy weaves a garland
in the light of the super benevolent guru.

My life is bound to my square horoscope
and I fly like a paper kite in the kind sky.
All the nine ...

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My Salute To You

O lady, you've beaten
The misfortune and misery.
Born with such a pair of ears
That can hear the music without tune
May the Sun miss your eyes
But you can see ‘the silvery line’.
Your voice creates such a sound
That's heard even in deep silence.
You dare to show the creator

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