Bronze Star - 2,107 Points [Dragon`s tail] (29-06-1976 / Guskara-Burdwan)


561. About My Career 3/1/2014
562. Poetry Festival In Our Local Yard 1/12/2014
563. Hope Full Then Less! 12/17/2013
564. From Sobs To Sighs.............. 9/7/2013
565. Manisita And A Human Tree 7/25/2013
566. A Crazy Travelogue Of An Ongoing Travel.... 5/18/2014
567. Poetry Writing And Song Writing.... 7/3/2014
568. Sad Love Song... 7/10/2014
569. Funny Words... 7/9/2014
570. A Poet And Songwriter.... 6/17/2014
571. Shotokan Karate 1/15/2014
572. Peace Has Gone To Pieces! 5/14/2014
573. I Write What I Feel And The Way I Feel It. 8/6/2014
574. A Disease...... 10/30/2014
575. As Such I Never Relax... 2/4/2015
576. Bullies Suck Lovers! 2/16/2015
577. You Can Win But Can You Own A Forest? 2/18/2015
578. A Street-Poet 2/6/2015
579. Kites And Kites.... 12/6/2014
580. Changes Change Changers. 8/18/2014
581. A Poetical Scenery 4/11/2013
582. An Automatic Quill Pen...... 11/27/2013
583. Never Ask Me.... 6/20/2014
584. Keep Your Mouth Shut 6/22/2014
585. Think Positive And Dream Superlative 3/24/2014
586. I Will Not Write A Poem Today. 2/5/2015
587. I Don`t Want To Die Early Now. 2/22/2015
588. The Soldier Is Mars! 3/3/2015
589. Reality Addict Lines... 2/22/2015
590. I Am Inside My Horoscope 2/3/2015
591. I Love And Respect Him. 9/17/2014
592. We Kill.... 9/11/2014
593. Clothed Lies And Nude Truths 8/27/2013
594. A Hayabusa And Her Chiseled Rider! 2/17/2015


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A Hayabusa And Her Chiseled Rider!

Is it not hard to be wise with the brakes

of a quick and high pick up baby

for a road hog that just crazily loves

to tune up the accelerator of his ladylove

to set the welcoming thoroughfare on warm fire

and crazily loves to gear her up to the top most gear?

Straddling the smugly curvacious comfort

the motorist gets himself more macho and hunk

between her wide hands and his upright torso.

The excited speedometer blinks and blips amazed

at the nippy game between the stirred up air and the duo.

A bold highway ...

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i stole the whole sun
to implant in your heart.
all holidays turn busy days;
your slender figure squeezes e
through a filled-up pitcher inside.
i hold the splashes in my palm-cup
and drink all the drops to the lees.
the 'wattled-cabin‘ reached the moon;
instead of walking down the bridge

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