Bronze Star - 2,107 Points [Dragon`s tail] (29-06-1976 / Guskara-Burdwan)


201. Love.....Marriage! 6/10/2014
202. Sujata And A Spirit... 6/10/2014
203. Life-Lab... 6/11/2014
204. An Ailment Or Disease? 6/11/2014
205. Quite A Strange Night... 6/11/2014
206. Patience 6/12/2014
207. Fate And Football 6/12/2014
208. The Most Mysterious Art.... 6/13/2014
209. Love And A Poet... 6/13/2014
210. A Poet And Nights... 6/14/2014
211. Life And Philosophy 6/14/2014
212. It Horrifies Me Still Now.. 6/14/2014
213. A Love Lyric... 6/14/2014
214. A Sad Lyric... 6/15/2014
215. Happy As They Are Happy.. 6/15/2014
216. Tell It Once More.... 6/15/2014
217. Baby, You Are The Tube... 6/15/2014
218. When You Come, Comes Music... 6/16/2014
219. Sham Vipers 6/16/2014
220. Under Carpet Love... 6/17/2014
221. A Common Fear... 6/17/2014
222. Hey, Here Goes What She Says... 6/18/2014
223. They Should Sustain... 5/15/2014
224. Like A Shepherd..... 5/14/2014
225. Yes, Bro... 5/15/2014
226. Nice Sailing.... 5/15/2014
227. Truth Speaks Going Off The Rails! 5/16/2014
228. This Moment Tugs At My Heartstrings.... 5/17/2014
229. 'Nothing' Is Better Than Painful 'something'... 5/18/2014
230. A Crazy Travelogue Of An Ongoing Travel.... 5/18/2014
231. X Has No Fear Factor... 5/19/2014
232. O Night, My Night, My Love- 5/19/2014
233. Your Eyes... 5/21/2014
234. In The Obnoxious Air... 5/21/2014
235. Paddy Is My Dear Friend... 5/21/2014
236. Darling, You.... 6/18/2014
237. It Occurred Only Last Night 6/18/2014
238. A Rain Song.... 6/19/2014
239. A Sad Song... 6/19/2014
240. A Thanks-Song.... 6/19/2014


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I Am Inside My Horoscope

I am smiling back
to the smiles of the exalted Jupiter
at the transit to my birth sign
in my otherwise gloomy birth chart.

Its fatherly aspect
in the house of my ascendant
lets me father some wonder arts.

As it is now positioned
along with my birth-time conjunction of Moon and Saturn
I hear the gospels from the divine preceptor
in the heaven of Hindus;
and my retiring melancholy weaves a garland
in the light of the super benevolent guru.

My life is bound to my square horoscope
and I fly like a paper kite in the kind sky.
All the nine ...

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The Fiery Slayer

O the eye of the day
You are not a phoenix.
May you outlive
Myriad of Methuselah
You too have three prime phases of life
And now you suffer the male-menopause.
You may grow though perilously
Into a large terrible giant
And devour all the parasitic subordinates

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