Bronze Star - 2,107 Points [Dragon`s tail] (29-06-1976 / Guskara-Burdwan)


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I Am Inside My Horoscope

I am smiling back
to the smiles of the exalted Jupiter
at the transit to my birth sign
in my otherwise gloomy birth chart.

Its fatherly aspect
in the house of my ascendant
lets me father some wonder arts.

As it is now positioned
along with my birth-time conjunction of Moon and Saturn
I hear the gospels from the divine preceptor
in the heaven of Hindus;
and my retiring melancholy weaves a garland
in the light of the super benevolent guru.

My life is bound to my square horoscope
and I fly like a paper kite in the kind sky.
All the nine ...

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My Salute To You

O lady, you've beaten
The misfortune and misery.
Born with such a pair of ears
That can hear the music without tune
May the Sun miss your eyes
But you can see ‘the silvery line’.
Your voice creates such a sound
That's heard even in deep silence.
You dare to show the creator

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