Bronze Star - 2,107 Points [Dragon`s tail] (29-06-1976 / Guskara-Burdwan)


321. A Voice From Beneath The Earth! 7/31/2014
322. Baby, You Are Poetry! 8/1/2014
323. A Big Thanks Poem... 8/1/2014
324. Changes Change What? 8/2/2014
325. Love Worries... 8/2/2014
326. To My More Than Pupils... 8/2/2014
327. A Long Journey In A Small Place! 8/2/2014
328. Ready To Go More Miles! 8/3/2014
329. Who Called You? 8/3/2014
330. A Soldier Is Not A Civilian... 8/3/2014
331. The Bond Lies Within......... 8/4/2014
332. No Retribution But.... 8/4/2014
333. From Sorrow To Sorrow.... 8/4/2014
334. Rant At Shitty Fate! 8/5/2014
335. Truth Can`t Be Stripped Off...... 8/5/2014
336. Anyone Could Be A Warrior.... 8/6/2014
337. An Odd Adventure.... 7/14/2014
338. A Prayer To My Pagli... 7/14/2014
339. Time Before The Smile... 7/14/2014
340. The Sad Patch Will Be Over... 7/15/2014
341. To My Old Study... 7/15/2014
342. Fun-Filled Puddle... 7/15/2014
343. A Song From A Poem... 7/17/2014
344. Trauma Stings... 7/17/2014
345. Creative Fire 7/17/2014
346. Cold Come The Days... 7/10/2014
347. Fingers-Crossed... 7/10/2014
348. Love-Hope 7/10/2014
349. A Sad Sot... 7/11/2014
350. Metaphor 7/11/2014
351. A God-Game... 7/11/2014
352. Simple And Straight... 7/17/2014
353. Love Religion... 7/18/2014
354. Break-Up Moments.... 7/19/2014
355. Tongue And Mind... 7/20/2014
356. They Say, I`m Naughty.... 7/20/2014
357. A Queer But Loving Fish! 8/8/2014
358. I Know, You`ll Cry.... 8/9/2014
359. Who Loves To Be A Killjoy? 8/9/2014
360. Words Stay.... 8/10/2014


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I Am Inside My Horoscope

I am smiling back
to the smiles of the exalted Jupiter
at the transit to my birth sign
in my otherwise gloomy birth chart.

Its fatherly aspect
in the house of my ascendant
lets me father some wonder arts.

As it is now positioned
along with my birth-time conjunction of Moon and Saturn
I hear the gospels from the divine preceptor
in the heaven of Hindus;
and my retiring melancholy weaves a garland
in the light of the super benevolent guru.

My life is bound to my square horoscope
and I fly like a paper kite in the kind sky.
All the nine ...

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A Poetical Scenery

So lovely is the view!
May come as match very few!
Now long put out into pink;
Look, how the sun will idly blink!
Calmly perched on the farthest bank
His mellow beam fills every blank.
The gloaming halo hails the sight,
Never with its too dazzling light!
The wind caressed ripples do giggle,

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