Pat Duggan

Biography of Pat Duggan

Pat Duggan is the pen-name of a research scientist based in northern England. His day job involves lecturing to students, writing research papers and trying to be a half-decent husband and parent. Having been put off poetry at school, he gradually returned to it, taking particular pleasure in the challenge that formal structures impose on the flow of ideas. Some of his work is personal, touching on a history of anxiety and depression, though a sometimes surreal sense of humour has a habit of breaking through. His perfect day would be a long walk through wild countryside, followed by a couple of beers and an early night. He likes cats, and the feeling seems to be mutual. Updates

Showers Later, Good

Nearly every night we hear a
Reference to North Utsire
But Utsire's sited where?
Does anybody know or care?

Viking, Forties, Cromarty, Forth:
Vaguely somewhere 'way up North.
Dover's South and Rockall's West:
Not a clue about the rest

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