Rookie - 59 Points [Patience]

Patience Poems

41. Deep Blue Rage 5/19/2012
42. Blind At Night 5/19/2012
43. Good Forest 5/19/2012
44. Distant Dreaming 5/19/2012
45. Wind Change 5/19/2012
46. Poison Drink 5/19/2012
47. Vera Susa 5/19/2012
48. Oneness 5/19/2012
49. Evanecse 5/29/2012
50. Imagine It 7/1/2012
51. Curse 7/20/2012
52. Soul Foreclosure (Path To Truth) 5/6/2016
53. Faith (Earth Child) 1/22/2017
54. Defeated Fools 2/16/2012
55. Ceres 5/19/2012
56. Riding The Gun 2/16/2012
Best Poem of Patience

Riding The Gun

Confused in their panic, ants from the nest,
drawn out of turncoats, blind or obsequious
That spring that you starved, bees from the hive,
suckling nectar, temperatures rise
Parched in the sun, milk of the goat,
riding the gun, now there is hope.

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Poker (Pleasure-Tones)

The watershed drowned a blissful days sailing through shame

Now there's so much to do, I should launder
Before the ginger-bread boys stake claim

Cry eternal for you
Til the pleasure-tones evaporate pain

What would you do

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