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Caring is what you need when you are down To care for others to lift them off the ground It will make people feel better And it will be like you are their cover Covering them from the world Its hatred and harm But with you by their side There will be no cause for alarm They're grateful you are with them And they are there for you too But the thing you need most is someone caring for you Also, caring for one another Will make us come together more and more With a little care from everyone good citizenship will occur Citizenship will make or break a town Because without it, it would be a dreary life Fairness is a thing that can be easily broken Make sure you are fair with family and friends Because they too can give it or take Play fair or don't play at all If you can't then everyone will prove you wrong Treat everyone fairly Not one person different And you will receive their fairness and sent By respecting what people say Or what someone does They will respect.
'Courtesy is plain old-fashioned thoughtfulness. do for him or her what you would want done for you.Most people seem eager at life's beginning.

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You Are Dear To Me

Somehow it's only natural
when someone you love is here,
to think of those who mean the most,
to us all through the year,
and so this comes with special love,
Because you're dear to me!
To hope you have my life with you,
That's as happy as can be!

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