Rookie (05/10/1966 / SACRAMENTO)


Born in Sacramento, CA
Mother: Georgia Pamela Williamson
Father: Kenneth Ray Pearson
Sister: Lori Lee Pearson Cord
Children: Anthony Gomez Dobrosi, Tibor Taylor Dobrosi, Elisabeth Klariska Dobrosi

Graduated: Cordova High School 1984
Married: 1985 to Tibor Laszlo Dobrosi
Divorced: December 20th,2000
Married: 2006 to David Eugene Hannaford
Divorced: July 4th,2009

Hobbies: Painting, Freelance Writing, Poetry, Guitar

Ambitions: Crush Politics, Abolish Ignorance, and Lift the Down Trodden.

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Numbers: 14,27

Blood Type: o Negative

Title of Grandmother Granted: 2009

Suedonym: Jane Doze


Religion: Catholic (although, the Priest won't call me back!) LOL

Signature: Kisses Updates

A True Test Of Heart

A True Test of Heart
An Angel from above screamed to those below
'Make way, make way for the falling.'
It is a long way down.
Broken wings piled upon the ground.
Beneath the tragedy
lay a man who would not move, he could not move.
His soul called by the saints. He tempted fate.
He stood in wait.

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