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1. Walking With George 4/23/2006
2. Voltaire's White Bull 4/23/2006
3. Firminting In My Oak Barrel 4/23/2006
4. Tied To Nancy 2/4/2009
5. Conrad Buchanan 2/4/2009
6. A True Test Of Heart 2/4/2009
7. Gypsy Grace 2/4/2009
8. Bubbles 2/4/2009
9. Daddy Long Legs 2/4/2009
10. How My Sister Got So Smart 2/4/2009
11. G....Lori Days 2/4/2009
12. Missing Fingers 2/4/2009
13. Brothers Inventions 2/4/2009
14. E. Caesia 4/23/2006
15. River Of Clarity 4/23/2006
16. Tacoma 4/23/2006
17. Ms. Quoting A Diddly 4/23/2006
18. Vikingsholm 4/23/2006
19. Untitled 4/23/2006
20. European Gates 4/23/2006
21. Highway Robbery 4/23/2006
22. Still 4/23/2006
23. The Master Plan 8/7/2013
24. Well....... Jane Said! ! ! ! 2/4/2009
25. The Girl Who Cried Wolf 2/4/2009
26. A Jewish Wedding 2/4/2009


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A Jewish Wedding

Jane Doze - A Jewish Wedding
By JaneDoze

Hi, I'm Jane Doze and I have a story to tell you...

I have not been to many weddings. This one was pretty funny. My brother had poison oak and his face was swelled up so big he couldn't see out of his eyes. He had to walk around with an ice pack on his face all day. He was in the groom’s party so; he was wearing a tuxedo too!

My uncle was confused and said to me during the ceremony, ' I didn't know we were Jewish? ' I had to tell him that we aren't.

It all went by pretty fast actually. The Rabbi had the Bride and ...

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Voltaire's White Bull

And she read to the saints
and spoke to her lord
and played her instruments
and sang in chord

to lift the heads
that fell too soon
and raise the sun
and set the moon

the devil cryed in his despair
for beauty won
so grand and fair.

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