Patricia Etienne

Rookie (1/8/1971 / Port-Au-Prince, Haiti)

Biography of Patricia Etienne

Patricia Etienne poet

Born and in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and partly raised in the state of Bronx, New York. As a child she was brought up without a father figure and was then immigrated to the United States. It was through rough times that her interest in writing poetry, science fiction started. She would scrabble down everything that made her upset in her journal. Etienne's late father has always been a source of inspiration for her. Even in high school she participated in writing script drama and song texts. With the idea that someday she would express her thoughts to the world.

After High school Etienne attended College with an undecided major in mind. Instead she focused more of her time concentrating on areas she was most likely interested in, such as Music, Theater, and Early childhood education. Later on in life, with the inspiration of Marguerite D'youvil 'The Grey Nuns' Etienne attended nursing school.

It was through her nursing experiences, she developed a spectrum of ideas and also a new understanding of everyday living. It was then her writing came to life. Etienne is a revolutionary writer who is passionate about her work. She writes at the spur of the moment. You will find that her writing reflects onto many forms of modern life. For examples, her short stories: “The Battered Scarecrow” and “When Black Smoke Invades.”

Still working as a full time nurse, she continues to write with any chance given and also includes time for her three children, husband.

Patricia Etienne's Works:

Through the Eye of the Eagle Sky Updates

I'M Of Destiny

I'm the product of what he had written for centuries ago
A figment of his visions the rest are yet to come.
An envoy with a different portrait among so many
Thu my perspective and intention are of his directions

I'm no fairy tale think of me
I'm no imagination of what your thought may seem

I'm human, rather say a flesh, with dust and breathe he created us both.

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