Patricia Grantham

Gold Star - 6,582 Points (Moncks Corner, South Carolina)

Patricia Grantham Poems

41. Sonnet.1/Looking For Love 9/13/2013
42. Love Is 3/7/2013
43. Memories Long Ago 11/4/2013
44. Heaven Sent 10/16/2013
45. The Roads Of Life 1/18/2013
46. Without A Trace 11/1/2014
47. The Fiery Tongue 2/18/2013
48. A Lone Sparrow 3/16/2015
49. Haiku.3 - Listen Up 9/5/2014
50. My Quiet Corner 1/12/2013
51. The Valley Of Despair 2/22/2013
52. Wildlife Night 10/16/2014
53. ''heartbeat'' 10/22/2014
54. Number One Mother 11/24/2012
55. A Treasure Chest 11/4/2013
56. Differences 11/7/2014
57. Diamonds In The Sky 10/16/2014
58. Burden Bearer 3/15/2013
59. Reflections 1/24/2013
60. Emotions 2/9/2013
61. The Journey Home 10/16/2013
62. Limerick.1/The Well 9/10/2013
63. Honor 3/28/2014
64. Cherish Each Day 10/21/2013
65. Bullying 4/13/2014
66. Stepping Stones 1/28/2013
67. Sowing The Seeds 5/13/2014
68. A Land So Fair 2/15/2013
69. Haiku.1 - Be Happy 9/12/2013
70. Lost And Found 5/28/2013
71. Just Imagine 1/7/2013
72. Tribute To The Men And Women In Blue 8/7/2013
73. A Family Reunion 1/17/2014
74. A Lovers Stroll 1/30/2013
75. Poetry In Motion 3/26/2013
76. The Earth Sings 12/12/2013
77. If Walls Could Talk 4/26/2013
78. Tear Drops 12/11/2012
79. The Homeless 3/23/2013
80. Refreshed 4/24/2014

Comments about Patricia Grantham

  • Wendell Brown Wendell Brown (4/4/2014 3:02:00 AM)

    I enjoyed the message in your poem, very nicely written and shared!

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  • Amitava Sur Amitava Sur (1/11/2014 12:10:00 AM)

    My heartiest congratulation to the poet Patrcia Grantham on the recognition of her poem A Faithful Friend as the Member Poem of the day. I did comment on this poem much earlier.
    At the outset poet Patricia is a decent human being with a very kind heart. She is a lovely composer. I love reading her poems because of their contents and lovely rhyming.
    Here I declare that she is the first person of the very few amongst the poets' fraternity who encouraged me to write and with their encouragement only I get the impetus to write further.... A lovely fellow feeling for the fellow poets.
    Her regard & belief to God, sympathy to the distressed is remarkable.
    I wish her the success in this poetic field with a good health and peace of mind.

  • Tirupathi Chandrupatla Tirupathi Chandrupatla (12/6/2013 10:19:00 AM)

    My sincere congratulations to Poet Patricia Grantham on the occasion of her poem A Faithful Friend being chosen as Member Poem of the Day today. This poem is representative of the quality of her poems. Her poems depict human relations, deep concerns for society, advice to young and old and so on. She uses rhyme to express ideas in precise and simple words. I have read and commented for almost all her poems and appreciated the beauty of content and depth of feelings in each of them.
    Poet Patricia provides encouragement to fellow poets with her comments full of deep understanding and appreciation. I always look forward to her reading my poem. May she be blessed with health and energy to write more and more poems on this site to share.

  • Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan (11/10/2013 1:15:00 AM)

    Patricia is an avid reader of poetry (her comments can be seen almost everywhere on PoemHunter) and a tireless, enthusiastic composer of sweetly crafted lyrics. Her basic strength is vivid description, empathy for the subjects and a fluent diction with a penchant for metre and rhyme. She frequently employs classical tools to address contemporary subjects.

    Different topics require different tools for composition. Metrical composition cannot do justice to all kinds of poems. Some of Patricia's poems, I feel, cry out for free verse treatment. I would love her to break free, take wings and to fly into hitherto undiscovered territories of poetic styles that mankind has yet to unearth... She is naturally gifted. But she should experiment a lot. Poetry is all about finding inner freedomt hrough constant search. It is all about finding the exact words, exact music, to express your exact thoughts. Sometimes it takes ages to find that one exact word - but it is always worth the effort! !

    One recurrent underlying aspect of Patricia's poetry is her sympathy for the underprivilged and the less cared for. Another aspect which makes one fall in love with Patricia is her lack of pretensions in choice of phrases or idioms - although sometimes the rhyming appears a bit a laboured. The earthy simplicity in her diction wins her many friends.

    Each poet is unique and should be respected for his/her own style and craft. My own style is very different from Patricia's. What I appreciate in her work is her dedication to her craft. By constantly chiselling away at one's God given natural ability, one can hope to attain perfection someday. I wish Patricia that Perfection in her chosen path...

  • Rigzin Namgyal Rigzin Namgyal (10/7/2013 12:42:00 PM) your poems are immensely talented and a gifted poetess..please keep writing..I give you a perfect ten for all your brilliant writings..

  • Valsa George Valsa George (8/9/2013 12:53:00 AM)

    Patricia Grantham is indeed a genial presence on poemhunter! Her poetry like balm, cools and comforts and relieves the mind of all dull pains! ! Her perfectly rhyming verse in unlaboured style, carrying the messages of love and compassion is a joy to read.

    Patricia is there to give a gentle' pat' to all of us! ! Let her thrive glorious in the world of poetry! !

  • Louis Rams Louis Rams (7/30/2013 10:27:00 PM)

    I have met many poets on many sites, and have had a lot of comments about my poetry and me, but to be honest
    I had yet to find a person who can touch my mind and soul with such depth as you have in your writings.
    we are very much alike in the sense that we can cover different subjects and yet stay focused on what we are feeling at the moment and being able to put it into rhyme and verse (which I find it harder than prose)
    I honor you and your depth of GOD, LOVE, AND FAITH. (thank you)

  • Payal Parande (7/26/2013 7:59:00 AM)

    patricia ma'am is more like a storyteller, her pieces are brilliant and full with emotions, when i read her poem it is like i am living them she have ability to put life into her words which is magical and will give you experience of wonderful world that you will never forget...may you get the best in everything

  • R.j. Wynn (7/8/2013 10:02:00 AM)

    Patricia is so warm and fuzzy, full of great love and humility in Christ and a joy to read and comment on.

  • Chandra Thiagarajan (6/20/2013 12:42:00 PM)

    Patricia Grantham is a real fine poet. Her poems are inspiring, the style is classic, with regular rhyme and rhythm. In many a poem we can see the flow of music which is appealing to the ear. The subjects she deals are of great variety and her poems reflect the genuine kindness she harbors as a person. I'm so happy to see her poems enrich English Literature. May God bless.

Best Poem of Patricia Grantham

A Faithful Friend

How many of you can find a faithful friend?
That will stick close by you unto the very end
When trouble comes they will never forsake
Always ready to give more than they will take

A friend like that is so very hard to find
One you can count on to talk and unwind
Someone that's concerned about how you feel
Cares for you deeply with a love that's real

A friend when in need is a friend indeed
Show yourself friendly by sowing the seed
How sweet are the words spoken between friends
Just like a balm that heals or a needle that mends

A friend that ...

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Sunrise And Sunset

When I awake in the morning and see the sunrise
My heart skips a beat as I begin to clear my eyes
My soul says what a mighty God I serve
To be in the land of the living and to feel every nerve

You can imagine the beauty in everything you see
To smell the odor of the sap flowing from a tree
When the sun goes down and the darkness comes soon
The whole world is lit by the light of the moon

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