Patricia Kelley

Rookie - 36 Points [Madam Shakespeare] (March 11 1957 / Oklahoma)

Patricia Kelley Poems

201. David, Becomes King David 3/12/2013
202. Cherry Pie 3/5/2013
203. Dirty Water 2/19/2013
204. Happy, President's Day, George Washington 2/18/2013
205. My Jesus Is Living Inside Of Me 2/5/2013
206. Momma's Boy 6/19/2013
207. Good Bye, Traditional Marriage 6/27/2013
208. It's Not Easy Being A Foster Parent 6/13/2013
209. Cheating Heart 2/27/2013
210. Four Blood Moons, Signs From God 2/8/2013
211. P.O.W. World War 11 2/4/2013
212. Strawberry Shortcake 2/1/2013
213. Bullying 2/26/2013
214. Family Feud 6/9/2013
215. Reactive Attachment Disorder 3/16/2013
216. I Like Being Me 2/28/2013
217. My Chocolate Day 2/14/2013
218. The Beauty Of A Woman 2/2/2013
219. Sudden Death 2/4/2013
220. We Believe In The American Dream 1/31/2013
221. Understanding The Holy Spirit 3/17/2013
222. Jesus Christ Has Risen 3/17/2013
223. Alzheimer's The Slow Death 2/4/2013
224. Violent Video Games The Culprit 2/19/2013
225. I'M Proud To Be A Christian Woman 2/24/2013
226. The Names Of God Most High 2/1/2013
227. Butterfly Trapped In A Jar 2/4/2013
Best Poem of Patricia Kelley

Butterfly Trapped In A Jar

I once had a dream that there was a beautiful blue butterfly locked in a jar that couldn't fly.
She felt her life passing by!
She would try to fly around and around, spinning hitting the thick glass jar.
Sadly looking out as far as her eyes would take her.
Feeling her life, as a quick blur!
She would sadly sigh!
All out of breath,
She felt death.
Close by.
Wondering why!
She always looked pass the jar.
Feeling life!
One day, she awoke and the lid was finally off.
With her little ones' tucked underneath her, she flew and flew, until she could no ...

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The Apple Of His Eye

She sits in Heaven's golden swing, swinging.

She has perfect little features, and curly blonde hair.

With Heaven's angels all around singing,

She sits there swinging, with her green eyes clear.

I can see her with her long curly golden hair swaying.

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