Patricia Kelley

Rookie - 36 Points [Madam Shakespeare] (March 11 1957 / Oklahoma)

Patricia Kelley Poems

121. Teacher Says, More Shelters 5/23/2013
122. Oklahoma People 5/25/2013
123. It's Faith In The Christian Hands 5/25/2013
124. Oklahoma Will Rise 5/30/2013
125. Momma, Did You Visit From Heaven Last Night 5/30/2013
126. Life Gets Crazy 5/30/2013
127. Your Life Has Just Begun 6/9/2013
128. The Days Rewind 6/11/2013
129. Betrayed 6/12/2013
130. Ultimate Betrayal 6/12/2013
131. The Vicious Woman Is My Big Sister 6/12/2013
132. Momma, I Would'Ve Died For You 6/12/2013
133. Look At Me 6/12/2013
134. Salt And Pepper 6/13/2013
135. You Admit You Were Wrong 6/13/2013
136. Fighting 6/13/2013
137. Summer's Embrace 6/13/2013
138. This Is The Home Where I Was Born 6/18/2013
139. Looking In The Mirror 6/18/2013
140. Her Story 6/26/2013
141. Every Abused Child Has A Story 6/26/2013
142. Concerned American 6/26/2013
143. Old Glory, We'Re So Proud Of You 6/26/2013
144. Set The Captives Free 6/27/2013
145. The American Working Dog 6/28/2013
146. The American Man, Soldier 6/28/2013
147. When Boy Meets Girl 6/19/2013
148. We Owe It To Old Glory 6/20/2013
149. I'M Proud To Call You Father 6/16/2013
150. I Don’t Want To Go Down This Damn Road Anymore 6/18/2013
151. Is The President Terrorizing American People 6/15/2013
152. Devil, You'Re Not Welcomed At My Door 6/15/2013
153. We Have The Poison Ivy Blues 6/15/2013
154. Oklahoma's Blue Eyed Angel 5/23/2013
155. No Angel 1/7/2015
156. Earth's Time Clock Ticks 9/2/2014
157. Daddy, I Miss You! 6/9/2013
158. Learn To Fly 6/20/2013
159. Dear Nsa 6/26/2013
160. You Deserve Better 6/17/2013
Best Poem of Patricia Kelley

The Names Of God Most High

My Lord is EL ELYON: He is The God Most High.
My Lord is ELOHIM: He is the God of Power, who speaks creation with words.
My Lord is called Jehovah: He is the God, who breathes air into life.
My Lord is Jehovah SHAMMAH: He lives inside of me.
My Lord is Jehovah JIREH: He meets all of my needs.
My Lord is EL SHADDAI: He pours the blessings of life upon me, giving me favor.
My Lord is Jehovah ROHI: He is my teacher, since my rebirth.
My Lord is Jehovah MAKKEH: He is the Lord that corrects me, when I am wrong.
My Lord is Jehovah MKAADESH: He separates me from the world, ...

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Dreaming Of Heaven

I often close my eyes and dream of Heaven.
I think of our lucky number seven.
The month, day and year, you were born.
Then it hits me the day you were taken, and I felt so torn.
I felt shaken and fell to the floor.
I know I would have not made it, if Jesus hadn't showed up when he did and walked through that door.
He reassured me that you were in Heaven watching over, all the little ones.
You were now with all the winners that won.
I know it's not good for me to beat myself over the head

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