Patricia Kelley

Rookie - 36 Points [Madam Shakespeare] (March 11 1957 / Oklahoma)

Patricia Kelley Poems

161. Oklahoma Proud 5/24/2013
162. Don'T Go To Sleep Now 5/10/2013
163. The Early Christian Martyrs 4/5/2013
164. Polycarp The Martyr 4/5/2013
165. Jesus Christ Died For All 3/6/2013
166. Unlovable 3/10/2013
167. Led Astray 3/1/2013
168. Why Kids Bully 2/26/2013
169. Guided By The Eyes Of Love 2/24/2013
170. Coyotes Howling 2/24/2013
171. She's Ready To Emerge From Her Cocoon 2/19/2013
172. America's Light Is Going Out 2/15/2013
173. America's Brave Forgotten Four 2/12/2013
174. Divine Purpose 2/4/2013
175. The Apple Of His Eye 1/31/2013
176. Foster Kids Deserve A Chance 1/31/2013
177. I Want To Show You How Much I Love You 1/31/2013
178. Our First American President 2/1/2013
179. I Love America 2/1/2013
180. The American Girl 2/4/2013
181. Inner Turmoil 2/6/2013
182. I Wouldn'T Take A Penny For Her 2/9/2013
183. Chocolate Day 2/8/2013
184. Valentine's Day, Our Wedding Day 2/17/2013
185. Cheating Heart 2/27/2013
186. Suffering's Receptionist 3/4/2013
187. King David's Weakness 3/12/2013
188. Sweet Momma 3/6/2013
189. My Faith Rises 3/6/2013
190. Sins Nailed To The Cross 3/17/2013
191. Praying For God To End Cancer In Children 6/17/2013
192. I'M Where I Belong 6/19/2013
193. Golden Rules For A Happy Marriage 3/6/2013
194. The Holy Spirit 3/12/2013
195. I Get On My Knees' 2/5/2013
196. Kids Out Of Control 1/31/2013
197. In Memory Of Mother 2/1/2013
198. The Beauty Of A Woman 2/2/2013
199. Alzheimer's Patient 2/9/2013
200. I'Ll Run To You, Lord 2/7/2013

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The Names Of God Most High

My Lord is EL ELYON: He is The God Most High.
My Lord is ELOHIM: He is the God of Power, who speaks creation with words.
My Lord is called Jehovah: He is the God, who breathes air into life.
My Lord is Jehovah SHAMMAH: He lives inside of me.
My Lord is Jehovah JIREH: He meets all of my needs.
My Lord is EL SHADDAI: He pours the blessings of life upon me, giving me favor.
My Lord is Jehovah ROHI: He is my teacher, since my rebirth.
My Lord is Jehovah MAKKEH: He is the Lord that corrects me, when I am wrong.
My Lord is Jehovah MKAADESH: He separates me from the world, ...

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The Apple Of His Eye

She sits in Heaven's golden swing, swinging.

She has perfect little features, and curly blonde hair.

With Heaven's angels all around singing,

She sits there swinging, with her green eyes clear.

I can see her with her long curly golden hair swaying.

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