Patrick Adholla

Biography of Patrick Adholla

Patrick Ochieng Adholla is a Kenyan conscious poet and a student at Daystar University.He is first and foremost a young African who cares about his continent and who would like to see a world without racial, religious or ethnic discrimination.

Patrick Adholla's Works:

Panther’s diary
The book is a collection of around 50 conscious poems written by Patrick Ochieng Adholla. The powerful poems presented in this book range from impressions to expressions on issues affecting our lives, Africa and the world at large. Emotions are expressed in a straightforward, from the hear-to the heard and truly memorable manner. In this lyrical and passionate collection many readers will
find their own feelings and experiences reflected.

The book is sold online at;

http: // keywords=1592323111 Updates

Black Gold

Flammable and corrosive liquid also known as petroleum or black gold
We want to separate from you, the twenty first century will be green;
You make Earth a wicked place but is necessary to every household,
On every continent, you cause pollution, wars and corrupt human beings.

Flowing in the veins of most technologies and industries at work on our planet
Without you an economy doesn't breathe, a country suffocates,
Black gold, at your funerals superpowers will mourn and cry,
In the

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