Patrick Adholla

Biography of Patrick Adholla

Patrick Ochieng Adholla is a Kenyan conscious poet and a student at Daystar University.He is first and foremost a young African who cares about his continent and who would like to see a world without racial, religious or ethnic discrimination.

Patrick Adholla's Works:

Panther’s diary
The book is a collection of around 50 conscious poems written by Patrick Ochieng Adholla. The powerful poems presented in this book range from impressions to expressions on issues affecting our lives, Africa and the world at large. Emotions are expressed in a straightforward, from the hear-to the heard and truly memorable manner. In this lyrical and passionate collection many readers will
find their own feelings and experiences reflected.

The book is sold online at;

http: // keywords=1592323111 Updates

Beautifull Black Queens

From your lips to your hips, your anatomy is unique,
The colour of your skin is Black, I call you beautifull black queens.
Your weight or skin tone don't matter, the smile on your face speaks fot itself;
You know that God gave you beauty, you are a product of his hands.

You work hard to earn your living and make your family proud;
You do miracles in the kitchen or you are the one who provides.
You are few and not on sale, because you respect yourselves,
Your body is the temple of th

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