Biography of Patrick Musone

English instructor (Wilton and Bridgeport Public Schools, CT): Deputy Sheriff, Ventura County, CA; private pilot; professional truck driver; Animal Control Senior Field Officer and Head of Education Dept., Ventura County, CA; Bluegrass banjo player. Started The Iron Mountain Boys Bluegrass Band in 1986 and still out there playing; I create one-of-a-kind historical artifact displays called, Patrick's Legends, displayed at Antique Adventures in Ventura, CA; Married (Susan) , three kids, four grandchildren; We have two miniature horses, five pygmy goats, five cats and four dogs. Favorite breed, Irish Wolfhound; play four musical instruments (piano; 5-string banjo; harmonica; and guitar): love animals and nice people, absolutely despise bad, selfish and inconsiderate drivers! Paint (watercolors) and draw. Love to play elaborate jokes on my friends and family. Very good at estimating things. Love the classics, bluegrass, and old standards. Hate the new music (Really, it's not even music!) . Love parmesan cheese hunks, Genoa salami, and wine coolers (with Barefoot Pinot Noir and C.D. Ginger Ale) . A nice hot bath; Oh, yeah, an Aquarian. Updates