Patrick Scott Hogg

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Biography of Patrick Scott Hogg

Paddy Scott Hogg is a 54 year living in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow, in Bonnie Scotland. His new book, a biography of Robert Burns: The Patriot Bard, was published in 2008. He is an expert on the writings and life of Scotland's national bard Robert Burns. He co-edited the complete works of Robert Burns, The Canongate Burns (2001) and wrote Robert Burns: The Lost Poems (1997) . He also produced a video on The Galloway Tours of Robert Burns (1996) - some of this is on Youtube. He is a songwriter.
The family are related to the same family as James Hogg the Etterick Shepherd (not directly, but via an uncle who taught James to be a Shepherd when he was at Singlie Farm Yarrow) and the McCrae's of Kintail. True blue Scots blood, highland and lowland...........
Paddy has three children to an ex partner, Roberta, Laken and Scott. He lives in cumbernauld, seeing the kids when possible.

Patrick Scott Hogg's Works:

Robert Burns: The Patriot Bard - a new biography from Mainstream Publishing, November 2008. Co-editor with Dr A Noble, The Canongate Burns (2001) , Edinburgh. Robert Burns: The Lost Poems, (1997) Various academic articles in journals, anthologies and newspapers on the topic of Robert Burns's radical poetics Updates

Caledonia's Muse -

My nation’s spirit is my Queen
She rules majestic, evergreen
Caledonia’s voice for whom I sing
Immortal muse, my verses bring!

Oft at the dawn I’d pensive stray
To while some laden cares away
Far, far from the city throng
I’d hear your voice in votive song

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