Patrick Shields

Rookie (November 11th,1987 / Las Vegas)

Patrick Shields Poems

1. Go Away 1/7/2007
2. You Used To Be (My Life) 1/7/2007
3. Scars 1/7/2007
4. Razorblade Lover 1/7/2007
5. Don'T We All 1/7/2007
6. Hello 1/10/2007
7. Friends Until Eternity Ends 1/15/2007
8. My Final Note 1/20/2007
9. My Dark Gift 1/25/2007
10. Friends Are A Burden 1/29/2007
11. What Has Happened To You 1/30/2007
12. The Tase Of Your Lips 2/4/2007
13. The Taste Of Your Lips Pt.2 2/4/2007
14. Die Romantic 2/6/2007
15. Would You Care(If I Died) 2/9/2007
16. Razorblade Dance 2/12/2007
17. Save Me From Myself 2/13/2007
18. I Miss You 2/15/2007
19. I Couldn'T Save You 2/20/2007
20. I Wish You Knew 2/24/2007
21. Six Feet Under 2/24/2007
22. Death Wish 3/1/2007
23. I Won'T Forgive You This Time 1/7/2007
24. Falling Fast (See You In Hell) 3/7/2007
25. Because Of You 3/13/2007
26. So Much For My Happy Ending 3/20/2007
27. Dreaming Of You 3/22/2007
28. Killing Me Softly 3/30/2007
29. We Won'T Conform 4/4/2007
30. Suicide Kids 5/4/2007
31. Eternal Annihilation 5/9/2007
32. For You Sweetie 5/17/2007
33. I Walk Alone 5/28/2007
34. Still So Beautiful 5/31/2007
35. I Don'T Love You 6/3/2007
36. Lovers Suicide 6/10/2007
37. If I Killed Myself 6/15/2007
38. Meant To Be 6/17/2007
39. I'Ve Missed You 6/22/2007
40. Your Love 7/1/2007
Best Poem of Patrick Shields

Suicide Angel

A man of 19 looks for a quick way to die
He gets on his knees and begins to cry out
The Suicide Angel hears his pleading cries
He knows the man will take his life without a doubt

This angel banished from heaven, not wanted my hell
A patient angel waiting for the next one
Perhaps a mother or father praying to the dark angel
Or perhaps a depressed daughter or a suicidal son

An angel with wings of crimson red
No halo for this fallen son of the most high
His wings stained with blood from the dead
As he poisons his victims hearts with devastating ...

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You Used To Be (My Life)

I Used To Look Forward To Our Late Night Phone Calls
You Used To Be The Reason I Got Up In The Morning
I Was The Always The One Taking The Fall
Never Did I Heed There Warning

You Used To Fill Me Up With The Blood That My Body Drained
You Used To Comfort Me When I Had A Nightmare
When I Was Around You I Never Felt Pain
I Would Always Calm You Down If You Got Scared

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