Patrick White

Rookie (September l5, l948 / Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada)

Patrick White Poems

481. I Don'T Want To Have My Eyes Glazed Over Nacreously 9/26/2012
482. Quarter Moon In Sagittarius At The Autumn Equinox 9/26/2012
483. All These Bottles With S.O.S. Inside 9/27/2012
484. When I Get To The Root Of What I Really Want 9/27/2012
485. When Grief Grows Savage And There's Nothing To Hunt 9/27/2012
486. Eyes In The Shadows, In Blood, In Space 9/28/2012
487. If You Were To Ask Me Whom I Write For, Honestly 9/29/2012
488. And Should It Come Time To Speak Of The Sadness 9/29/2012
489. Barley Moon, Tonight 9/30/2012
490. Yes, The Awful Thresholds 9/30/2012
491. Sitting Here Becoming Whatever Drifts My Way 10/1/2012
492. Narcissus Lost His Face In The Mirror He Stored His Image In 10/1/2012
493. Just Want To Stay Inside 10/2/2012
494. Angry, Smashing Antiquated Croci Like Faberge Easter Eggs 10/2/2012
495. The Night Dances With Itself Like An Only Child 10/3/2012
496. When The Geriatric Drunk Next Door 10/3/2012
497. Poetry Used To Live In A Forbidden State Of Courageous Grace 7/18/2012
498. Pure Intensity 9/14/2012
499. Mostly Sad 9/14/2012
500. Looking For A Little Black Water After The Fury Of The White 9/14/2012
501. A Little Thought In A Big Space 9/16/2012
502. Won'T Meet Most Of You In A Lifetime 9/16/2012
503. The Wind Wild 9/19/2012
504. What Did You See Just Before You Committed Suicide? 10/7/2012
505. You Don'T Come 6/10/2012
506. One Last Pilot Light Of A Blossom 10/9/2012
507. Those Nights I Went Out With A Butcher's Knife 10/9/2012
508. No Muse Around, I Sit Down By The Side Of The Road 10/10/2012
509. Walking Straight Through The Cobwebs 10/12/2012
510. Letting The Stars From Last Night 10/13/2012
511. What I Would Say 10/13/2012
512. More Past In My Brain As I Get Older Than Future 10/14/2012
513. Psychobabylon Wouldn'T Trade One Real Star 10/14/2012
514. Every Insight, The Big Bang, And The Thought That Follows, A Universe 10/15/2012
515. Life's A Genius 5/1/2012
516. If I Were To Give You A Black Shawl Of Woven Rivers 4/21/2012
517. Lady Menagerie's Heart Tinkles Like Glassware 10/17/2012
518. Playing Chess With Mundanity To Survive To Write 10/18/2012
519. How Strange To Recall Childhood As An Aging Man 10/20/2012
520. And When You Get What You Want, Is It What You Dreamed? 10/20/2012

Comments about Patrick White

  • i dont have a name (12/11/2017 6:38:00 PM)

    his poems are too long for my work

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  • Jonathan Platt (1/29/2013 12:57:00 PM)

    If you've never read Patrick White, prepare you mind for an off-the-planet voyage.

    Patrick has opened up new doorways of imagination...and once inside, he opens more.

Best Poem of Patrick White

You Are Crazy

You are crazy and beautiful
and wounded and wild
and the youngest daughter
of a coven of poetic sea-witches,
and dangerous as the moon in your changes,
the fragrance of night
hovering over the blue star-honey
of your seductive hive of candles,
the skulls you drink from naked,
anointing the fire
with libations of blood and wine,
dancing to the passionate lament
of ancient serpents
unfolding their wings
like eras in the lives of stars,
constellations that have come and gone like leaves,
seasons that are only distant ...

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No Matter How Far

No matter how far into the past the star travels,
plunging its white fingers into the expanding womb of the past
to pull its own damp head out of convulsive space,
it will never find a beginning, the widening cleft between two thoughts
opening like a mouth full of silence, a sluice gate of thick water,
a dark prelude, the first letter alpha breaking like an eye
out of the eclipsed envelope into a splendour of light
to hang its jewel, its dropp of flammable water
from the i

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