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2521. If I Were A Moon 2/19/2012
2522. I Can'T Help But Love You 8/26/2011
2523. A Bullet For Lenin 9/20/2011
2524. The Lonely Sound Of The Midnight Train 11/25/2012
2525. Thought Is The Keyhole 6/10/2012
2526. Yours To Reap 9/8/2011
2527. Incandescent 6/3/2011
2528. A Forgotten Word 4/17/2010
2529. Some Think The Night 3/31/2012
2530. Your Soul Still Sings It's Living Name 4/7/2010
2531. Your Words Stir Me 1/20/2010
2532. A Verb Went To Town 6/29/2011
2533. A 17th Century Curse 3/5/2011
2534. Only The Wind 5/26/2013
2535. A Catalogue Of Insomnia 4/11/2010
2536. Abuse Me 5/24/2011
2537. A Beautiful Man's Mind 9/5/2011
2538. A Beakers Full Of Love 4/6/2010
2539. Anger And Patience 1/20/2010
2540. A Dream 4/2/2010
2541. Big City Hospital 6/6/2011
2542. I Think We Were Never Strangers 8/21/2011
2543. How Much Are Words Like Bridges 6/15/2011
2544. How The World Engraves Itself Upon Our Being 5/6/2012
2545. I Am That 6/15/2011
2546. A Bear Came To Dinner 6/15/2011
2547. A Dream For You 9/5/2011
2548. A House Breathes Through Its Bones 6/3/2011
2549. Anti-Love Poem #1 12/29/2009
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Anti-Love Poem #1

When you've loved someone,
As much as you're capable of,
Just let them go. Even better,
Don't write about them- ever.
If you must, let it be once only
And let that be as their epitaph.
Let the seasons and the wind
Sweep away the painful memories
Don't try to re-start fire from a faded puff of smoke.
And give yourself some time to recover.

If you must write thousands of lines
About what went wrong, or why,
For gods sake burn it- burn it quickly
Don't leave it lying around for others eyes to see
And for the dance line to start forming behind you:...

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Unknown Terrain

Am I my own lesson, growing distant
Owning nothing, owing everything
The places I have stepped over; impasses, hurrying me,
Slowing me down, holes made to fall in,
Shouldering faults of weakness
Speaking languages I could not have written
The word I a curse, the word you a blessing
(We are hard of hearing only certain sounds.)

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